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    Razer Blade 2016 (October Refresh)

    Whats the heat like on the bottom of it? One of the issues I had with my old MBP was if I used anything that used the GPU, my lap get pretty hot after about 10 minutes of use. I'm considering getting one of these or maybe a refreshed thinkpad (T or P).
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    WTB Cheap Socket 1151 CPU

    I was looking for a i3-6100 at the minimum but I might consider the G4400. How much are you looking to get for it shipped to 03042? Feel free to send me a PM. Thanks
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    WTB Cheap Socket 1151 CPU

    I'm building a NAS for my home lab and need a cheap socket 1151 CPU (cooler not required). I'm looking for something like an i3-6100 but might consider a i5-6400 depending on price. Please send me a PM with price shipped to 03042. Thanks
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    WTB 512GB Samsung 950 Pro SSD

    I'd consider the SM951 but I have a few questions. 1. Is this the NVME or AHCI version? 2. Does it have any warranty left? 3. How much are you looking to get for it? Thanks
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    WTB 512GB Samsung 950 Pro SSD

    I'm looking for a 512GB Samsung 950 pro for a new build. Please PM me a price shipped to 03042. Thanks, -noacess
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    FS: HTPC, PC parts and more

    Where in MA are you located?
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy S5 (T-Mobile/AT&T/Unlocked)

    I'm really only looking for cash right now. Thanks
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    FS: Samsung Galaxy S5 (T-Mobile/AT&T/Unlocked)

    I'm selling my Charcoal Black T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5. Its unlocked so its usable on T-Mobile, AT&T or internationally. Right now it has a custom rom on it but I will revert it to stock before shipping it. The phone is mint as its barely been used. It comes with all original accessories, a...
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    What to do.. Nexus 5 vs S4 vs Note 3

    I actually have this very same problem. I was a Note 3 owner (on Verizon) and while I loved the phone the thing I hated most about it was the locked bootloader. Safestrap is a really good, but I still can't flash custom kernels which means CyanogenMod and AOKP isn't available. Recently, I...