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    Are the HP LeftHand P4500 SAN's any good?

    NetApps fiscal year is ending in March and they had already-great pricing on the 2040 when I purchased one in December, so you could probly swing a sweet deal.
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    Hyper-V Networking Oddity

    Reformatted and reinstalled Windows and the problem is now nonexistent, go go Microsoft. Switching back to ESXi for my alternative-OS virtualization needs.
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    Hyper-V Networking Oddity

    The Hyper-V Host cannot communicate to anything on the subnet, except itself (loopback). The virtual machine communicates successfully to all hosts on the and subnets.
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    Hyper-V Networking Oddity

    Correct and yes, as I can successfully RDP to the box from another host (and i traced it).
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    Hyper-V Networking Oddity

    I wiped out my ESXi whitebox last night and decided to check out Hyper-V, and now I'm having a strange networking problem I can only chalk up to Microsoft weirdness. The box has 4 interfaces: INT1: WAN, public subnet, hidden from host INT2: DMZ,, hidden from host INT3: LAN...
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    XP Mode in domain environment

    I join the virtual machines to the domain like any other workstation.
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    pfsense 2.0 released

    Rolled this out on the home ESXi server as a replacement for my Smoothwall VM, seems to be working well so far.
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    Best windows proxy program? (Or Linux if its much better)

    I use Privoxy on my Windows server.
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    Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010

    I verified yesterday that I definately have SA on FCS, but I'm still waiting for FEP to show up in my Licensing Console. Has it showed up for anyone else yet?
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    Server Recommendation

    And don't forget about a backup solution.
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    Despite what you've heard, the iPhone4 antenna problems arn't just isolated to the iPhone4
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    HP Guts Palm Like A Fish

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    Need Solid WAP for Manufacturing Warehouse

    Some of those Cisco models are designed for "Challenging" RF environments like machine shops and warehouses. I installed Cisco AP1240s in a large warehouse in the past with great success. Using the power injector adds the benefit of being able to locate the AP anywhere you can drag CAT5...
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    Best Buy Responds To “3D Glasses Syncing Service”

    Best Buy figured out Step 2! Mind = blown :eek: