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  • Hello :D i would like to know if u can give me more information about overclocking :p im new and i would like to oc to 4.3ghz all core for game server hosting thank you.
    u add me on discord: SuperDuke69#6641
    thank you.
    Hey just wanted to inform you that I have been trying to reach out to TT trying to get any information I can about the x9 side panels. Ive been on the phone with some warehouse employees and they told me they store site 404s out most likely due to the store getting updated and the panels being out of stock. They told me that they would check the warehouse to see if any got misplaced;
    guess that was a no as a never got the call back. With that being said, I threw up a post asking about the panels on their facebook. I asked if the panels were coming back in stock, if the panels were becoming End of Life, and if so could I setup a group buy? So if I hear back on any of this info I will pass it down to you.
    Hi, was looking at your i7-8700k and msi pro carbon, would possibly like to buy both, new to the forums so I don't know if this is the right way to contact you... Msg me on discord: nominath654#5952
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