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    5M Gmail Passwords Leaked To Russian Bitcoin Forum

    Thanks, good reminder... I did and I'm NOT hacked. It's great because they test it thoroughly... I mean, I immediately got a text from my two factor authentication and promptly emailed the code to them. My account is for sure safe. :p
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    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PC Game) $4.99

    Nice deal, thanks :)
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    Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla

    This is nothing more than a ploy. There are way more fires on standard gasoline powered vehicles. The perfect analogy for this is a plane crash. The numbers show us that you are MUCH safer flying... But, when a plane crashes, it's a HUGE media frenzy.
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    Xbox 360 Gets Time Warner Cable App With 300 Channels

    I have BrightHouse, which is TWC & RoadRunner. Should work... Either way, this may be a really nice way to cut the cord, and get rid of cable. (Always a hard choice because of Discovery Channel, and sports not televised OTA). I don't think they flag your account for only having broadband...
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    Xbox One Reputation: No More Cheats or Jerks

    Let me just say this... CHROMEHOUNDS! Anyone remember this game on 360? I always had a 5 start rep in XBL. But when that game came out, it became customary for opposing teams to give you bad rep if they lost. This exponentially increased negative rep for everyone that played, fairly or...
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    Multi-GPU, how to chose default? (different cards)

    That makes sense, thanks.
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    Multi-GPU, how to chose default? (different cards)

    Hey, Quick question, maybe someone that has experienced this can help. I have an HTPC I use to drive my bigscreen for movies, etc. As such, I originally bought a low end GPU (GT 610). Simply because I didnt need the power to run anything. And, it has an HDMI output, which can bitstream...
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    Warm ?Samsung - 60" Class - Plasma - 1080p Vertical - $847 NO MIR

    Indeed, in addition... Lower end models like e550 aren't even full 1080 res, and lack some filters, which is why I made those statements. (SmartTV and the like is useless for most of us I'd say, with HTPCs) But, I do agree, unless you're a videophile, this won't even be noticed.
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    Warm ?Samsung - 60" Class - Plasma - 1080p Vertical - $847 NO MIR

    You get what you pay for, I mean... $800 for a screen this size is good and all on the cheap, but the 530 series is the lowest 1080p capable display on their list this year. I'd spend a bit more cash if possible
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    Help with some vbs script

    Hey, could anyone give me a hand with a bit of vbs? I'm stuck with some of the logic, and haven't played with vbs is a long time. I'm trying to create a script that will do the following: 1- Check if text file exists, if so, quit. 2- If not, create text file. (So, script doesn't run next...
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    Mass Effect 3: Convert your 360/PS3 save to PC

    So, you played ME1 or ME2 on 360 and you wish you could play on PC to get the best experience... But, you wish you could import that character you worked so hard on?. Well, fret not. There is a very awesome utility that allows you to convert 360 saves to PC. There is no hack involved, simply...
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    $36.99 - Microsoft 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

    This is user error, you need to sync it separately with the dongle so it doesn't turn on your 360. I have the PC receiver and 360 almost side by side and it never turns on the incorrect device as my controllers are synched correctly. (one with the 360, one with PC). besides, you cannot sync...
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    Post your smartphone home screens

    NICE dock icons (phone, contacts, apps, etc) can you tell me where to get them, or would you mind uploading them somewhere?