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    Disconnecting File-Sharers is Futile

    I have a TV, but it's used with a HTPC with no aerial or satellite connectiion yet I still have to pay the BBC licence fee. Therefore I will download as much BBC material from the internet including HD content as I want, if they even try to touch my connection, i'll sue the fuckers :D
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    Valve Not Even Bothering With The PS3 Any More

    Valve's graphics engines are rather cpu bound as far as I know, are you overclocking that lil'6300?
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    Actor Admits He’s a BitTorrent Pirate

    Mr Fry (soon to be Sir Stephen Fry in my opinion) is an english institution, one of the most intelligent and interesting people to watch on TV.
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    F-Secure Says Conficker Worm is Widespread

    I'd google and have a quick look, only needs a MS patch and AV scan/dat update. Not too hard to remove if infected, requires a reboot. Pain in the arse if it gets in, network capable, kills shares as well as other funky stuff. Serious enough for us to patch 2k+ boxes a few weeks ago.
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    RC Helicopter With .45 Caliber Gun

    Coming from the UK, I find this a little disturbing. Although, I can imagine how some people think it's cool.
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    Crysis Warhead perf

    Warhead ran terribly at first for me, vista x64 quad@3.2, 4870 and 4gb ram. Lag when turning around, fps dropping to unsatisfactory levels etc. With a little tweakage, full defrag (drive was 44% fragmented O_o), killed some useless taskbar progs that had escaped my...
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    UFO Hacker Loses Extradition Fight

    I think the fact that these government departments don't enforce a more secure password policy is quite worrying, although most people who have worked in IT for a large corporation would of seen very similar things. It's the law of numbers I suppose... with enough people you'll almost...
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    Large Hadron Collider Rap Video

    That was pretty cool, shame on the haters...
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    Touch Typing Nightmare

    It's nothing to do with UK/US keyboard differences... the key layout is screwed :rolleyes: I'd be pissed an wanting a new keyboard, if i'd bought that model.
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    GPU Benchmarking - Crysis 1280x1024 (All High)

    E6600@3.0ghz, 4gig mem, 8800gts640 169.04 I see similar fps drops with the renamed exe in XP also... ============================================================== Vista 64bit crysis.exe (reflection problems) Play Time: 55.36s, Average FPS: 36.13 Min FPS: 25.83 at frame 1962...
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    Doesn't Crysis make you wonder...

    We need games like Crysis that push the technical envelope onwards, just in the same way we did when Q3 was released... It's a simple as that.
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire @ [H]

    After a good long few years with ATI, 9500 (modded) X800 and most recently the X1900, I made the move to the 8800gts 640meg. It's rather disappointing to see even with crossfire, ATI have dropped the ball. Hope they can pick it up with the next generation of cards....
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    q6800 having trouble with unreal engine games

    This problem is related to all dual/quad cores (HT on older Intel cpu's) and varies from system to system depending on hardware - AMD dual cores suffer in exactly the same way. The fix above is adapted from the original fix for SS2 (modified it to fix Tribes2 back in the day) run it once, and...
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    q6800 having trouble with unreal engine games

    Download imagecfg (it's from the win2k resource kit) Copy to Windows\system32\ as well as Windows\system32\dllcache\ Make a backup copy of your UT.exe (not sure what its called as I don't have the game) Open notepad and enter the txt below (note* rename game.exe to the same name as...