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    Dell G2410 Monitor $150!!

    I didn't say literal translation I said slang translation. but I guess some personal attacks are ok while others get you banned.
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    Dell G2410 Monitor $150!!

    I wouldn't say this display is HD unless it supported all HD sources, 16:9 ratio gives you a hint that this display is marketed at those who want to use it as more than just a computer display. And the fact is that the specs in the link did not mention HDCP support, only after you download the...
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    Marantz SR4003/SR5003 or Integra DTR5.9?

    You really don't need a switch, the Marantz 5003 has a very good scaler built in. You can upconvert analog video (including component) to 1080P and send the output signal via hdmi.
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    D-link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Wireless Gaming Router for $116.80 shipped ($100 off)

    Yes you can share devices over the network using the usb port. You need to upgrade the firmware, and download the dlink sharing utility (dlink shareport usb utility) and install it on all client pc's. You can even plug in a usb hub to the port and share multiple devices not as fast as a NAS...
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    wow, I am an idiot

    If you want something nice for cheap, check out the fiio e3 in the hot deal thread. **** never mind, no volume control *****
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    Getting digital out on my computer

    Isn't there usually a way to reassign one of the analog outputs to output digital in software for the integrated sound? I tried to look it up for you in the manual but I couldn't find your model. Are you sure the model number for that shuttle isnt sn68sg2?
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    Computer Speakers vs Real Speakers for 5.1

    Gale is a very well regarded British high end loudspeaker manufacturer and for this reason there are very few reviews in the US. I can't speak for the sound of these speakers but when I get them I'll put up my impressions. I they could be a steal of a deal based on the reviews I did see. I...
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    Computer Speakers vs Real Speakers for 5.1

    How about $99.00? I haven't heard them and the reviews on the web are scarce, but of the ones you find, I have not found one bad review.
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    Sprint SERO - last chance.

    Is this deal dead? Why is this thread still open?
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    5X1 Enhanced HDMI Switch with built-in Equalizer (REV.2.1) $38.46

    "what does the equalizer do?" I believe it allows for longer cable runs.
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    PS3 40GB + Spider Man 3 for $320 at K-Mart

    Coupon worked like a charm in NY. I picked up the Halo Special Edition that my step son wanted for 346.00 out the door (8.65% NYC tax included). Going back next week. Thanks OP.
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    Whats wrong with this picture

    The card is running at stock speeds as far as I can tell from your picture. If its still under warranty forget getting another cooler for it. I would RMA it, you may get back a newer card like an X800 series, since ATI may not be manufacturing 9800xt's any more.
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    Question about X1800XT - CF Edition

    Thanks everyone for your answers. If a price drop on current cards is just around the corner I may just wait. I've seen some x850 master cards for as low as 275.00 (not that I'm getting one of those), it just seems that prices tend to drop pretty quickly once new ones are out.
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    Question about X1800XT - CF Edition

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but can anyone tell me if this card will work in single card mode. That is without a slave card attached to it. Thinking of picking up the master card first and then getting another regular XT when my finances allow it. I have to upgrade MB, and proc as well.
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    X1800Xt's GONE From Newegg

    True, but take a look at when the OP made the original post.