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    Teens Ditch e-mail for Texting and Facebook

    It's true, I've been told I'm 'old' for using IM, and that everyone just texts... coming from someone in their mid teens.
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    Connecting rooms with 802.11n?

    Right, but not all the devices are wireless. So say the router is in my bedroom, then out in the living room is an AV stack with a Xbox, Tivo, HTPC, etc. It makes sense to have a single node there to pull down the wifi signal, then attach to all of them over cat5, for instance. Same idea if a...
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    Connecting rooms with 802.11n?

    I'm moving into a new apartment and thinking about improving my networking. Normally I have ran a ton of cat5 to get 100mbit between devices, and 802.11g for the laptops. To improve speed and decrease hassle, my thought is to just run cat5 in each room (3 at most), and connect all those rooms...
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    ** A Picture I Took - 2009 **

    First shot from the new 7D
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    A Third of Teens Text Behind The Wheel?

    Seriously, only a third?
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    .htaccess redirect by domain name

    I have a website accessible from and from, both point to the same folder. Is there anyway using an .htaccess file to selectively look at the .com part of the name, and send back a 404 based on it? I'm not familiar enough with them to know, but I suspect this is...
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    PDAnet Moto Droid

    Probably yes, but there's no precedent to say they act on anything but excess data usage.
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    Post Your Portfolios Websites! (photography, job, design, anything) Zenfolio FTW
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    Pay for 5 minutes of work.

    It's very presumptuous of you to say something "very well done and commented" is only 5 minutes of work... Personally I wouldn't put something together like that for less than 50 at least, that's probably why you've gotten no takers.
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    Next piece of gear...

    The solution to this is a graduated neutral density filter mounted in front of the lens. I have the Canon 10-22mm and the GND works great with it. Uniform skies and great colors.
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    Your "go bag"

    I also use a Slingshot 200, after outgrowing my 100 Rebel XT Battery Grip Gorillapod SLR 28-135mm w/ hood 50mm 85mm 70-200mm w/ hood 10-22mm w/ hood 430ex oc-e3 flash cable lens pen stofen omni-bounce old spare microdrive 70-200mm CPL 28-135mm CPL 10-22mm GND setup (adapter ring, holder...
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    I mended that!! (post your fix! mods/hacks welcome!)

    Wait... did I miss something? That TV says San Francisco
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    OO Class Organization

    So when you say "have a", do you mean it would essentially be a sibling class? This is the sort of case I have been toying with, I guess the best way would be to have a LED display class, a radio class, create objects for them, and then pass references to those in when creating the clock object...
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    OO Class Organization

    I was wondering what thought process some of you go through when organizing classes and their hierarchies in an OO design? I'm doing my first major embedded project, while I'm strong at programming I don't have much education regarding computer science ideology. For instance, I'm doing a basic...
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    Im n00b! :(, (realbasic)

    Am I the only one out there that taught themselves programming through the visual basic editor built into Word? Boy was I psyched when I discovered that 11 years ago!