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    A Bad Lip Reading Of 'Star Wars'

    NOt nearly as funny as some of their early videos... They're getting paid big bucks now, and getting lamer... Sad...
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    Cool Video of the Day

    Beats the fuck out of waterboarding!!!! ;) CIA is on the phone with this guy now...
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    Jim Keller To Join Samsung As Chief Architect Claims Source

    It's simple... He finally found a company MAKING and not bleeding money, with a real R&D dept... Score for Samsung...!!!
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    Beats Solo HD $110

    I laugh at all the douchebags at the gym wearing bigass "beats", connected to even bigger smartphone trying to be "cool"... Dumba$$es...:rolleyes:
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    L16 52-Megapixel Camera Features 16 Lenses And Fits In Your Pocket

    Maybe two of those images look "OK", but my standard. The skateboarder and the portrait lady... Rest of them are pure garbage, with lots of noise, and signs of the software trying (any failing miserably) to play catch-up to shitty optics... This is iPhone level crap.. Nothing exciting to see...
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    [H]OT 6700k 319.99 @ Micricenter

    ^ yup... Not [H]ot at all for MC...
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    Pittsburgh Mayor: Verizon Broke Agreement To Provide FiOS To Entire City

    If he was really that "pissed off", he (and the other of the city leaders mentioned) would have already reached out to Google for Google Fiber, instead of sending some BS petition to Verizon... Money talks....
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    Thousands Of Photos By Apollo Astronauts Now On Flickr

    \not sure if seriuos.... If so...
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    Thousands Of Photos By Apollo Astronauts Now On Flickr

    Take that Moon Landing conspiracy theorists...!!!!
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    Clean Your Damn Console!

    Came out of this guys house:
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    Talk me out of building a budget AMD gaming rig?

    Why would anybody even consider a DEAD-END platform of AMD over Intel's offering now....???? Get him an i3 now, which will give him the SAME gaming performance as 8320 or 8350 in 99% of games out there. A year from now, he'll have some money saved up, and can spring for an i5 or even i7...
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    Manned Multi-Rotor Super Drone Flying Machine

    Pilot after getting off that thing: :D