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    Google Fiber with Google Wifi (mesh)?

    I have had the damndest time trying to figure out this problem. I've got my internet service with Google Fiber, so I have their modem/router. The tech told me that it would work fine with my Google Wifi mesh access points. He was sortof right, it worked fine with just one powered on, as soon...
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    Swifttech Storm and AM4?

    Does anybody make a mounting adapter for this combo? I’m trying to get a rig put together out of hand me down and spare parts on a shoestring budget. I was hoping to use this old waterblock. So I’m trying to decide if I’m going to buy a new mounting plate, rig up one of my own, or break down and...
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    Where does everyone buy their gear, these days?

    I was a huge Danger Den fan. Bought almost all my WC gear from them, and their customer service took super good care of me, if I ever had any trouble (how you make lifelong customers). Thinking about building another desktop on liquid, and I didn’t have a clue on who the good vendors are any...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    I'm in.
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    Microsoft Certifications?

    Are there any experts, here? I've been looking them over on Microsoft's website, but I'm still unsure of what path would be most beneficial. My primary goal would be learning and improving on my skill sets. Secondary goal is adding something beneficial to the resume. I'll give a little...
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    Desktop bigger than display problem:

    I've got a Mac Pro tower that's been giving me grief for the last few days. It used to be plugged into a 30" cinema at 2560x1600. Unfortunately, somebody kicked in my back door and the display walked off. So I pulled a 24" LG (1920x1200) out of retirement to hold me off until I decided on a...
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    Unconventional Liquid Cooling Discussion

    Submerge your components in the oil and chill the water in the loop. That way, you can get your super low temps and the oil will prevent condensation on the components.
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    Android NDK help?

    This shit is so frustrating. Why is it so hard to incorporate native files into your projects? What is with these crazy-ass function names that you have to make up? Why can't it just work? I'm missing Visual Studio. Damn InvocationTargetExceptions.
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    Android NDK help?

    Boom! That got it. Appreciate the help.
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    Android NDK help?

    First off, I'm not a Java guy, by any stretch of the imagination. I had an intro class back in college, probably 8 or 9 years ago. I'm way more comfortable with C/C++/C#. I'm trying to figure out the Android NDK so we can port over some existing code (static libraries written in C) to run on...
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    I leave mine on, but sleep them.
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    Parallels and booting DOS?

    I already run Parallels. I was just going through my Windows OSes, creating a virtual machine for each one. Since I had DOS 6.22, I figured, why not?
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    Parallels and booting DOS?

    I figured out my problem, and actually got everything up and running. My first problem, with the CD's, was that my CD drive was in use by another virtual machine. Figuring out that everything wasn't sharing the drive at the same time was my first breakthrough. After that, I discovered...
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    Parallels and booting DOS?

    I'm trying to get a DOS 6.22/Win3.11 virtual machine set up on my Mac Pro. I'm having the damndest time trying to get Parallels to see a DOS boot CD as bootable. Anybody know if this is possible? Any off the wall suggestions to try? I'm sure this is way out of their design spec, but I'm just...
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    Civ5 problems?

    After a bit more searching, I found where somebody had suggested "Verifying the game cache", I think it is. I did that, it found problems, downloaded files, and now it works. I guess I'm Steam newbish, because I had no idea that it could do that.