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    Microsoft Virtual PC2004 is now FREE

    I've had it installed on the entire 2000 Family, both XP Home & Pro and 2003 Server. I've had several linux distros as Virtual Machines. Just because they don't support it doens't mean it can't be done.
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    Microsoft Virtual PC2004 is now FREE I guess they're trying to one up Vmware. I still like VMware workstation better, but you really can't beat free. <EDIT> Oops, I was too excited. This probably should have went in the free forum. My bad.
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    Need help buying a laptop - Which deal is hotter?

    its a toss up, but i'd probably go with the one from costco
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    Server 2003 - machines time out after inactivity?

    Could be a time issue with the KDC. If time is more than 5min off, computer authenication will not be acheived.
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    how to re-enable 640x480 resolution

    Once I load any video driver, the 640x480 disappears and my lowest becomes 800x600. Is there a way to re-enable the 640x480 without removing my video driver?
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    Hot: Verizon FiOS internet service 5mb/2mb - $34.99/mo, free install

    No you don't have to have Verizon phone service, but if you don't I think they add $5 more per month. Also, I don't know about everyone else, but I've got an IIS server running on port80 and I can view my website from work,college, friends houses. I did switch their crappy Dlink router for...
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    *HOT* 200GB Hard Drive $3.99 AR + PM

    ** I haven't tried this, just wondering ** What if you buy it without the price match. Make a copy of the receipt Return it & price match it Send the copy of the old receipt in for the rebate Would that work?
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    ? 4proc system w/ 1failed

    Ok, I got handed a retired server. Its a quad 550Mhz so its isn't insanely grand, but I can now play with SMP. The problem is one of them is failed. The POST screen asks me if I want to continue. It will boot my install CD, but I powered it off cause I wanted to ask a couple questions. 1...
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    Mass image downloading

    if there is a common naming convention used and all the full sized imaged are in the same directory, then you can use wget to download them. You could also use wget in a batch file with a for/next loop if they are numbered sequentially. *** For the flamers...
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    After XMas deals?

    Isnt' there a rule about "In before the lock" posts?, even though I don't see whats wrong with this post. He's just asking if anyone has seen an Ad before its release. Its likely people working at Staples/Bestbuy have seen them. I know I always looked at the ads a few days before their...
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    Can ASP execute a WshScript

    Eventually I will run it on a schedule, with a button to initiate on-demand. That is If I can get the asp page to run the script. I have yet to find the fuction that allows this. Server.Execute doesn't seem to help, but maybe i'm doing it wrong. If someone could point out which function...
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    Can ASP execute a WshScript

    I have a script coded for WSH (Windows Scripting Host) which is essentially VB. I can not seem to run it from inside of a webpage. I know php has the ability to run system commands, but I need that type of feature for ASP. All attempts and code snip-its online have failed miserably. If...
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    free land

    I'll be laughing my butt off when all these minors get property tax statements for their 1sq inch.
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    A * beside my 2nd CPU

    FYI: It denotes the CPU that the computer boots from