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    New Samsung 4k for everyone.

    Any laptops available to power these displays yet? I'm hoping a refreshed Macbook Pro Retina will be able to do this sooner or later...
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    VGA/HDMI Cable Help

    hmm, didn't think about that one. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll hack it off.
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    VGA/HDMI Cable Help

    i have a HP DV7T laptop and i am trying to hook my 2 monitors up to it. But the VGA cable i have has an end that is too large. I am unable to connect the VGA while the HDMI cable is plugged in (there is not enough room between the connector ends of each cable). Does anyone have any ideas for...
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    Will you be purchasing an iPhone 4S?

    I pre ordered my iphone 4S through Sprint. It stated they will have the phone at my door Oct 14 or the 15th... is this typical of iphone preorders that you get them at your door the same time they are available in the retail stores?
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    Combining lots of pictures to make a larger picture

    YES! thank you very much. I was searching for collage..... it's a mosiac... nice. Thanks.
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    Combining lots of pictures to make a larger picture

    Hi everyone, I've been searching google and haven't been able to find the right words to use to find a tutorial on taking lots of pictures and making it into an object or another bigger picture. for example: if i wanted to make a picture of john lennon of his face. I could use tons of...
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    I have a few hundred bucks and a desire for a new gadget - what to get?

    I would chill out and get the dell mini 5.
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    Problems logging in..

    wow, that totally sucked. I used IE 8 and FF. Cleared everything... still didn't work, fired up chrome... and now i am back in. Sigh.
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    Information Network Security Jobs

    Yeah thats what i mean information security. It is a catch 22... that's why i am having problems... sigh.
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    Information Network Security Jobs

    For all the job postings for network security or IT security, etc.. I always see like 5+ years needed and certifications mandatory... So i look at the certifications.... and it's like you need job experience and all this and that.... Can you learn this stuff on your own? I haven't found a...
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    Google Engineer releases DNS server benchmark

    Thanks for the help It's my first time with third party firmware. I recently purchased a buffalo whr-G54. I'll take a look at tomato.
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    Google Engineer releases DNS server benchmark

    I have a dd-wrt router then to the cable modem connection
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    Google Engineer releases DNS server benchmark

    Does anyone know how to switch DNS servers? I'm on a comcast connection for internet... I'm a newb...
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    The Begining of Computer Eng, please advise.

    I think the network security field is the way to go if you currently have a secret or top secret clearance. MANY MANY consulting positions open for that.