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    Sony Thinks You’re Dumb Enough To Pay $1145 For A Metal Gear Walkman

    Fun thing: Losses in Sony's mobile division ate up all the profits from the Playstation division. They need to cut their losses and bad decisionmakers and designers over at mobile.
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    10 Reasons You Shouldn't Upgrade To Windows 10

    It's the absolute best reason, if those DX12 benchmark tests at are a hint of the performance DX12 games (or games running in DX12) can provide over DX11.
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    Get Ready For Ads In Your Notification Drawer

    Good news is that you can root and install cleaner Android builds on these memorycard-less phones, sometimes easier than on older memorycard-having ones.
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    10 Reasons You Shouldn't Upgrade To Windows 10

    As a person who likes to read the fine print, this is why at best will upgrade to Win8.1 You know it's bad when you feel a shiver down your spine from reading something written in legalese
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    App Updates Also Mandatory for Windows 10 Home Edition

    I remember setting up a weekend long render in some raytracing program on the amiga and my father pulling the plug because he had to vaccum clean the room. Forced restarts despite telling it NO WAIT NO DO NOT DO THAT WAAAAAIT and turning it off and registryediting suck.
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    American Airlines Hit In China-Tied Hacks?

    The hell are Russia and China going to do with the data they keep stealing from the US. Send the digital marines and find the people responsible and wreck their shit.
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    President Pushes For More Diversity In Tech

    Their parents pushing them toward more reliable lines of (education leading to) work, their environments social statuses and backgrounds, STEM and nerdy shit still being seen as nerdy shit in a negative way by too many, mathematics requirements turning peeps away, and many finding it's not...
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    ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark S LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Had the pleasure to study the internals of a PS4 (thermal paste job) and that box makes serious miracles while having an internal PSU, so Thermal Armour is something I need to keep a serious eye on for future PC builds. Very handy review and thank you.
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    Limits at Gawker? Rules at Reddit? Wild West Web Turns A Page

    Looking at the people in charge and their history - a lot of people have turned pages in a very short time and hard. If I didn't know any better I'd say they'd all been indoctrinated by a cult.
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    eBay Sends All Your Information To Any Bidder Who Asks

    That explains the spam on my ebay-unique email address :(
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    Ripping Music And Films Illegal Again In The UK

    If I was a businessman I would import the hell outta portable CD players, maybe even re-shell some to look fancy, even run Android, and run ads like mad there. "DON'T BREAK THE LAW WITH ONE OF OUR PORTABLE CD PLAYERS" Make millions! In Zimbabwe dollars.
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    Windows 10 Home Vs Windows 10 Pro: The Key Differences Explained

    Forced update automation still a thing with the Home version? Because no thanks.
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    ESPN Personality Who Criticized Gaming Departs Company

    I want to see ESPN personalities get a taste of Rocket League. That this is proper sports.
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    PowerColor Devil HDX PCIe Sound Card Review

    The DAC is what matters, the only freaking thing that matters. Samsung Galaxy S1 and S3 used Wolfson DACs and still provide the highest quality digital to analogue sound conversion of all cellphones and mobile devices as far as I know. This card uses that, so that is a really great sign. But...
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    Samsung Working On 11K Screens For Smartphones

    It's advancing technology and bringing it out there which is nice BUT IMAGINE THE PORN AT 11K