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    AMD displayport problem?

    Hi I had this problem with my HD 7970. The solution was getting new display port cables I ordered the cables at I did the same for the XFX 290X with display port 1.2 cables. I hope this helps...
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    will my 980 do Ok at 2560x1600

    I just made the jump from crossfire 290X to a single Titan X for my 2560x1600 monitor myself. It's been pretty smooth with pretty much all my games I am playing with everything at maximum settings. If you can wait a few months, go to the 980 TI over the 980. But I also hear people who buy...
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    So do MMOs just steal your life away

    MMOs have addicting properties integrated into them. Kill X mob for X relic item to make your character stronger. I played a good deal of WoW when it was out. Enjoyed meeting new people from around the world. Playing different classes etc etc. But once you graduate from the University, things...
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    Want to Run 4k Suggestions On GPU?

    I am also jumping to 4K myself. I got these XFX 290X DDs for my 4K upgrade. Still no issues with my current 2560x1600 setup. I'll also be jumping to the X99 chipset this September. Also just a friendly reminder, Nvidia 880 will be released in September. I don't know when the AMD "R390X" will...
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    I just uninstalled dota 2.

    When you're around a toxic environment, it's best you leave that environment. Last thing you want is to incorporate internet behavior with real life/world behavior. You did the right thing. People don't want to around someone that is constantly hostile.
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    GTX 880 and 800 Series to be More Powerful But Cheaper than the 700 Series

    WHAT? My old 8800 GTX was significantly faster than my old 7800 GTX at high resolution gaming.
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    290x Causing PC to Lock-Up/Freeze

    Well, you did updated your power supply and it does have 62.4A on the +12V line. Not sure if it's single or multi rail. I had issues like this when I upgraded from a GTX 7XXX series to the GTX 8800 series with my Antec True Power back in the days. The solution was upgrade to PC Power and...
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    Strange Problem 290X

    XFX 290X DD here. I don't have temperature fluctuations like you're exhibiting. I do get a spike when I switch from regular to full screen but it dies down quickly after the initial switch. Using 64-bit Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 8.1. Also, no spikes in VLC player 2.1.4 64-bit.
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    Buy EVGA 780 Ti then Step Up to 790 Or Wait?

    First wait to see the reviews before you purchase the 790. We don't even know if it's true about the 320-bit video card. For all we know they will release two 780 Tis with 6GB of VRAM each :)
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    Is Physx a factor in games anymore?

    I remember in batman it was really good. But it dropped my FPS to 50% and I had to disable it. But it was never a factor in my decision in purchasing a video card. The Force Unleashed series really spoiled my with their nice physics, made me realize GPU physics isn't all that great.
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    Upgraded 7970 to 290x now Realtek Audio always unplugged.

    If the onboard audio died on you. You can always get a Creative Titanium HD (or the Z series) and enjoy high quality audio ;)
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    Upgraded 7970 to 290x now Realtek Audio always unplugged.

    Hi Tanquen, Did you try doing a total reflash of your BIOS with the reset flags for the DMI reset? I don't know if this applies. But I always reformat when I install a new video card. It usually solves some OS/Game issues that I have when I get new hardware. Also, aside from the lack...
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    Why did prices rise on HD7970/R9 280X?

    It's the high demand from the miners. It's nice to see that my old HD 7970 still has some value after all these years :) Once the demand dies down the prices will come down.
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    Asus 780 GTX OC Crashes Shuts down Computer

    You have a bad video card/powersupply (not enough AMP to the 12+ line)/bad pci express 1 X16 slot. Did you try moving it to PCI Express 2 X16 slot. You did a clean install and ran the system at default speeds and get the same results. You might want to focus on the power supply and pci...