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    VIdeo Card

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    popup problem

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    how to ship a sub?

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    Did I just fry my Radeon 9700 Pro -- Please help me!

    So wrong. I hate people like you. Thanks to people like you im stuck paying more for my next upgrade. Nice one jerk :mad: .
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    So I fried my 9700 Pro -- Please recommend a replacement for me (9800 Pro vs 6800?)

    I have a 9800 and its not too great anymore. It was a GREAT card when I bought it awhile ago but now the 6800gt is of MUCH better price performance ratio so I recommend that.
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    6800gt temperatures

    That sounds to me to be pretty damn high :eek:
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    how do i find out if a video card is ok for my computer

    In other words your comp sucks get a new one.
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    City of Heros any good?

    I was SAME way quit first months and feel EXACTLY the same about the game.
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    Weird switch on 9800pro after rma.

    Maybe the switxh fixed w.e. the hell was wrong with it? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    To good to be True??

    I concur
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    To good to be True??

    I dont think you should. He sounds full of shit to me. Dont they use WU ONLY because you cannot get your money back once u send it to them or something like that?
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    To good to be True??

    First of all Go try and play a FPS when you only have 20 CONSTANT FPS. Your aim will be shit and you would have a MUCH better time getting ATLEAST over 30 FPS. Secondly you will NEVER get constant FPS it will ALWAYS dip lower when theres more action on the screen unless your playing something...
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    cpu, not fan, making noise, is yours?

    You need a new processor yours is about to explode. Seriously though its prolly just your hardrive.