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    Phenom II 920 / 940 for sale @ NCIX

    I thought AMD was going to release a few today.. (12/16..)
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    AMD Invite Event in Chicago.

    AMD's motherboard partner of the month is Gigabyte - GB doesn't have a 790FX motherboard that has the new southbridge.. at least, not that I know of.
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    AMD Invite Event in Chicago.

    Macci! Awesome stuff.. I was hoping to go but wasn't able to this time around. How many were at this one? Glad you won. :)
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    AMD Maui

    AMD sent it to me for my brithday/Christmas present last year.. well my brother - he was in on it too. :rolleyes: :p Pictures of the actual processor are in that thread as well. Start a new thread and tell us what you are working on...
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    AMD Maui

    Is that what you've been working on?
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    Phenom is no more - Deneb to be "Phenom 2"

    Considering the email was sent to me earlier this week, I'm assuming that this is correct. I don't want to be a jerk or anything, but I won't post something original unless I know for a fact that it is or will be true. I have my credibility to worry about. As of 11/13, Anand, TG, PCMag...
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    Phenom is no more - Deneb to be "Phenom 2"

    Thanks.. :) Here is the source: ---- Senior Brand Marketing Manager Desktop Product Marketing Advanced Micro Devices As for AMDZone - Looks legit to me; I know that story is about a year old and not on...
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    Phenom is no more - Deneb to be "Phenom 2"

    It looks like AMD is trying to distance themselves from Agena/Phenom. Deneb will be known as Phenom 2. Watch out. :eek:
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    First Deneb preview!

    It might be possible that the NB clock is only 1.8 GHz or so and will likely be increased on production models - the power usage might go up because of this, but the performance should as well. Who knows; I'm probably wrong. :p
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    AMD CEO Hector Ruiz Steps Down

    Ruiz will still be the Chairman.
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    AMD Puma based laptop sighted

    My brother and I bought my dad a Puma based HP laptop last week - it is actually pretty decent. 4GB of RAM, ZM-80 2.1 GHz Turion, etc.. I'm tempted to go get one for myself.
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    The reason why >2.6GHz Phenom won't be out soon

    Just a heads up - AMD's Desktop Brand Marketing Manager has told me a few times not to extrapolate AMD"s numbering/naming scheme for future products. ;) I've asked him this very question a few times - once late last year and again in late Q1/early Q2.
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    "Griffin will not be able to touch Core 2 Duo"...

    I saw a an in depth presentation on Puma and its derivatives one day after Ruiz did back in June. They told me they were going to compete on price.. still, they do have a pretty significant number of design wins with it.
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    is there a Crucial rep. on this board? Rebate problem unsolved

    Same thing happened with mine - they said that something was missing - it wasn't though. Thankfully, they are letting me redo it.. Still kind of sucks though. :(