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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    Thank you that is a very good point. I'll start to play with it some.
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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I used the awesome hsf from the 2700x and it doesnt even get warm when 100% load. Like, the thing is cold lol.
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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I can't overclock the ram.............. I bought the 2700x when it was new and RAM sucked back then. It is overvolted just to reach 1500MHz. TheSlySyl is right though, it is so much faster with the 5600x that I don't care about the ram. It works and I can mine and game at the same time and...
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    Ryzen 5000 with ddr4 3000 on x470

    I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this real quick. I won a newegg lottery and now have a 5600x to replace my 2700x. It is going into a x470 with a 500 capable BIOS. I have DDR4 3000 RAM in the system and didnt want to swap for 3600 since prices really suck right now. I couldnt find...
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    first AMD K6 CPUs - the ES / black version

    No, but your tv remote now has a faster cpu.
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    Comcast Customer Discovers Huge Mistake In Company’s Data Cap Meter

    Same exact thing happened to me. They charged me overage fees every month for almost a year until i finally had to cancel my service and switch to comcast business since their network is totally separate in my area. I could even see the other user's modem listed on my account when I checked...
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    Hurricane Joaquin From The International Space Station

    I live in downtown SC. I went exploring on my bike during the hardest of the rain and got a few cool pictures. Mostly just property damage and it didn't feel at all dangerous downtown because it was all standing water and not moving.
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    Controlling Car Pollution At The Quantum Level

    Darnit. I clicked the wrong thread. Ignore me.
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    Controlling Car Pollution At The Quantum Level

    Day 1 DLC is why I haven't purchased Evolve. I may be interested in a few months when it is on Steam for $10.
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    Without Drugs, What's The Point of Bitcoin?

    Without drugs, what's the point of house music?
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    FCC net neutrality comments needed Kyle, if you see this, can you please post this on the main page if you haven't already. The FCC public comment period for Net Neutrality has been extended until Friday. Be polite but give them an ear full. Click the link for "Protecting and Promoting the Open...
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    Sorry Dell, Holiday Shoppers Want a Mac

    Odd, I ordered a dell laptop for my GF yesterday. I didn't know I was supposed to get her a mac book.... Crap that would have cost me about $1500 more.
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    Kindle Fire as wifi repeater?

    Has anyone ever tried to use a kindle Fire as a wifi repeater? If it can be done it would be awesome and double the value of the device to me. Thanks!
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    Need network round robin software for a call center

    Thanks but I am not looking for a CRM solution like JitBit or a dev platform like Bugzilla. I want a very light weight app that can be run on the workstations and they can use to see who gets the next case that comes in. I would write one myself but my VBS is rusty.
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    Need network round robin software for a call center

    I am trying to setup a triage group in a call center so that they can tell what engineers have already been assigned cases. Ideally I would have a simple network app that they click each time they assign a case and then the next name is displayed. It needs to be networked as the triage group...