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    Budget SSD : PNY CS1100 480GB $139.99 @ Best Buy & Amazon!

    I got in on this a few days ago via Slickdeals: they had the 240 GB listed for 59.99. I ordered it for local pickup, but when I went to get it a 120 GB was waiting for me instead. I showed them my email for the 240 GB order and they swapped it out for the correct size. They said that their...
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    Replace sli 680 4gb with 980ti?

    This is the same exact thing I am doing...I finally have a reason to upgrade from my GTX 680 SLI setup. Should be worth it for heat reasons alone.
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    Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Refurb) - $29 + FreeShip

    In for two, I cannot resist. Already have four of these, as I always have some mad tinkering project that will benefit from these. Great for a media center where everything is stored on 4 TB mechanical drives, or for breathing new life into an old laptop.
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    3770K delid: reaffix lid or not?

    So the TIM will be enough by itself once set? That's good to know. Thanks! schizrade: I feel that. I remember having to invest in those 462 copper shim covers to protect my old Barton chip under a very heavy Thermalright SP-97 heatsink. Those were the days. But since I'm not going bare core on...
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    3770K delid: reaffix lid or not?

    I'm going to delid my 3770k, and I have been researching the process. My only question is if I should bother re-securing the lid afterwards? I see some people use silicone sealant to keep it back on, where others don't bother and just say to be careful when locking it back into the socket. Would...
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    Your Computer And Smartphone, Held Hostage

    I've been seeing this pop up at my repair shop in one form or another since early last year...a truly devious thing. I've seen fake encrypting viruses for a while (not really encrypted, just hidden behind an impassable logon screen), but this is the first variant I've seen that actually does it...
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    Old athlon (k7) 750 or 1000 machine

    Aw man. Sudden memories of my Abit NF7-S v2.0 with a huge Thermalright copper cooler on an Athlon XP-M 2500+ Barton (@ 2.5 ghz, no less). My first true fire-breathing rig...good times. I think my friend was still using it as a file server until the caps blew two years ago. It could still serve...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Lost Alpha news

    Installed it is 14.7 GB, no other game needed.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Lost Alpha news

    I've been waiting for this to drop for yearrrrrs...and now I'm playing it. I'll be seeding the torrent for a loooong time. Tips for people installing this game: Do 'XP Compatibility mode' and 'Run as Administrator' for the shortcut: this avoids certain crashes and bugginess...
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    WTF eBay

    Ho-lee-crap. I was just about to throw some of my old Core 2 Quad Extremes on eBay...and then I see this. Nnnnnope. I'll go to Craigslist now before eBay. They have become way too anti-seller.
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    Warming up again! Amazon: Samsung 840 EVO 750GB 2.5-Inch SATA III $350.99

    Just to clarify, I would get a 750 gb 840 Pro...if they made one. 500 gb just doesn't do it for me anymore.
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    Warming up again! Amazon: Samsung 840 EVO 750GB 2.5-Inch SATA III $350.99

    It's about as good as it get's right now.
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    Warming up again! Amazon: Samsung 840 EVO 750GB 2.5-Inch SATA III $350.99

    Evo is cheaper mostly due to manufacturing methods. The Pro uses a different type of NAND: it uses MLC, which is older but faster. The regular 840 and the Evo use TLC, which is newer and cheaper to produce. Also, the Pro's MLC NAND is supposed to last much longer. However, this would only matter...
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    Warming up again! Amazon: Samsung 840 EVO 750GB 2.5-Inch SATA III $350.99

    I missed out a few weeks ago when this was on sale and the price skyrocketed to nearly 400 bucks when I tried to snag one. It seems to have finally settled down back to that sale price from before, so there it is. :D...
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    Would you replace defective capacitors on 5 yr. old motherboards ? Fascinating reading: "A major cause of the plague of faulty capacitors was industrial espionage in connection with the theft of an electrolyte formula. A researcher is suspected of having taken, when moving from Japan to Taiwan, the secret...