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    Custom case idea

    Something is going to get dust though, if not your external radiator. In saying that... I toyed with this idea a while back and maybe someone has done it, but not that I have seen. Feel free if I am the first to suggest, to use my idea, but basically I considered a sealed design like you have...
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    Custom Cosmos 2 - "Elements""

    Great build, only critical mention I have would be I dont think the white backing behind the motherboard and to the right of the system works well. Personally I might have done blood red or black, but its your design. I see that you are going for a white/red/black theme, but if doing the...
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    Human Bird Wings: Real or Fake?

    SOOOOOO fake. nough said.
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    Logitech G500 vs G9x

    Another vote for G9/G9x, I own several of both of them and helped test both models prerelease. I can say it really depends on your hand size/grip, but unlike mentioned above, I use the "palm" grip on the large G9x grip and it feel great. I dont think either grip would be out of the question...
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    Consoles Became "Lead Platform" Late in BF3 Development

    I love these people who quickly forget how asstastic Steam was and to a large extent still is. Such short memories completely. Points for you to stick to your guns, just no points for you for not choosing the right time to pick your battles. Probably truly the best FPS game ever to release...
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    Captcha Security Not Much of a Gotcha

    All I have to say, is put the other shoe on. Try keeping these bots OUT of your site or network and realise they have to do something to stem the flow. What would you have them do? Not have the site accessible? It is like anything else, a55hats out there are ruining it for the rest of us. I...
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    Battlefield 3 On a PC Make You Twice as Accurate?

    Only that isnt the case with BF3 now is it? And it hasnt been the case for long, last 3 years or so. Software vendors are also coming back around to the fact that the PC gaming industry is not in fact dead as reported by fan boys. They just need to make good games. Look, your console...
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    Company Shows off Kinect Banking App

    My god is that inefficient, it takes so long to get anything done. Who wants to take forever getting their banking sorted. LAME.
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    Mycestro Wearable Mouse

    It looks horrible as a replacement for the current mouse. Personally I think the gyro series mice are better than this.
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    Need painting advice

    Absolutely under special consideration. You need to use a good temp grade plastic that wont melt at your powder curing temperature. There are powders meant for this and cure at or below 250 degree F. They also cure using UV instead of infra-red or convection heating which is easier on the...
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    MurderMod deceased.

    Of which it is still just a tease webpage. Over it really.
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    replace stamped grille with wire guard ??

    You can look at the table listed here to get an idea on air flow, but of course that is relative to the fan installed. So make your assumptions on that. Honestly though for me at least, cutting a hole isnt much bigger a deal than removing everything from your chassis, but I guess that is...
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    What kind of heat reduction can I expect? HAF 922

    I would guess at least 20 degrees C. The rest will depend on your ambient temps and specific case layout.
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    Cathode lights hitting the HDD

    As said, no. They might go blind after a while from the light, but it is unlikely there will be any noticeable harm from the cathode light touching the HDD casing.
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    Steve Jobs Dead

    Didnt approve of the guy, but respected how well he did it. It is too bad what happened, and too young. RIP. Good game.