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    Fortron 500 BlueStorm

    I have the 400 instead of the 500. Mine is nice and quiet and I can not hear it above my others fans and all.
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    Do I need a fortron 530w PSU or am I Paranoid?!

    I had the same PS as you before mine went bad on me. At that time I got just a cheap one to get my system back up and running. I now have the Fortran blue storm 400W and it runs my system great. You may think you have a lot in your system but like that one person said, A 350W would run it just...
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    DVD and CDRW both stopped working

    No I just have 2 laptops and no way to put them in them lol. Well I hope that is not it but if it is I guess it will be time to get another MB. :-(
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    DVD and CDRW both stopped working

    Forgot to add that they worked fine yesterday as I was playing a game with them. And nothing has changed at all as far as settings or drivers or anything else in weeks so nothing like that is the problem. Oh and I checked and the Bios are showing the drives there and all so the Mother board...
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    DVD and CDRW both stopped working

    Howdy Ok I just tried putting a CD game in to play and it did not start up as normal. I got to looking and both my DVD player and my CDRW are not working right. Both still have power to them and the treys will slide out fine so I can load Cd into them without a problem. Yet they will not...
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    Your Thoughts on 3DMark threats to HardOCP.

    I hope every reader of [H] never buys a thing from Futuremark again also any company that goes along with them be it NVIDIA or ATI or anyone else. That is the only way to put a stop to foolish people like them that think they are above every one else. Hit them where it hurts the most in their...
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    The Only Gmail Thread and It All Goes Here!!

    I have 3 gmail accounts left to give away. If you want one private message me with your information.
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    Which card is better?

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    How many fans do u have in your rig?

    10 fans. 3 TT smart fans 2, 1 on CPU one intake and one exhaust. 3 fans that came with the case 2 intake (One side) and one as a exhaust. 1 on graphic card 1 on hard drive And then 2 in PSU. Most do not count the PSU but I did because well they are 2 fans running in case right :-) And I...
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    Which card is better?

    Would depend on what games you like to play. Seen something the other day that I will link here that said the 5900XT was the best card of the two. Here is the story was posted on Hard yesterday
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    5900XT died...replaced with 6800LE

    I would like to know that answer also.
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    Does Farcry really need 53.03 for nVidia cards ?

    Yea I guess I could just buy it, And add it to the other 20 game CD's I have that I never play. That is why I wanted to try it out "Before" I went and paid for it. That way I could see if it is something I would play a lot or just a time or two and add it to the dead wasted money pile of CD's I...
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    Does Farcry really need 53.03 for nVidia cards ?

    I was going to try the demo tonight to see if I liked the game or not. But it says I have to use the 53.03 drivers and well I do not want to have to change to them only to change back to the newest ones again. So does it work with the newer drivers or only 53.03 ?
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    A Rat Pad question

    Yea that is my problem some also. When I hit the spots that are worn down it like sticks, Sucks while gaming.
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    A Rat Pad question

    Howdy All I have a Rat Pad and I just love this thing. However it is starting to get some slick spots that are starting to bug me while playing games and stuff. Anything I can do about them ? Or do I just need to get another one when it gets to driving me nuts ? I figured it would last a lot...