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    GameStop Explores Selling Used Digital Video Games

    I see used games no differently than a used bike, TV or a book. It is not art, it is not a one of a kind item it is media content. Digital distribution is hard to swallow and impossible to ignore, but I really wish I could sell all my games regardless of the format. After a few bad purchases on...
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    John Romero Talks About OUYA Android Console

    LOLZ are we still talking about John Romero? I mean pretty much his BIO reads like what not to do.
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    Does it Still Make Sense to Buy a Desktop PC?

    If your average user moves towards tablets and phones then Desktop users can go back to being the elitists we know we have always been. This is not a bad thing as most people with computers do not know what they are doing anyway. Let them buy their consumer media devices and let us wallow in our...
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    Max Payne 3 Trailer

    It has the name, it has the music and it has bullet time, but it does not feel like Max Payne to me. It looks like a game meant to capitalize on the franchise and attract 15 year old wanna be gang bangers.
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    SAPPHIRE HD6970 BFBC2: Vietnam Special Edition Review @ [H]

    Wish I could read the review, but the link is dead )-:
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    Video Coverage of the AMD Eyefinity [H]ardOCP Event

    makes me feel I am still waiting on my eyefinity setup, have two monitors, but running my 4870 STILL! It has served me well, but will soon be relegated to my kids system. Going with a 2GB 6950 when the price is right.
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    E-mail Exchange Of The Day

    Okay so everybody knows that over the air TV and Radio are still free and as far as I know they always have been. How did they make enough money to pay their expenses, stay afloat and pay there employees? The answer is advertising...why because it works. I bet the vast majority of viewers would...
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    ATI Radeon 5870 2GB 3X2 Eyefinity Gaming Experience @ [H]

    Kyle when you get bored with one of those Dells and upgrade to something nicer, sell me ONE for $100.00 ;-) That will be a very very very sweet setup and I can't wait to see it in a video. What do you think of the new e-ips 23" panels from NEC?
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    ATI Radeon 5870 2GB 3X2 Eyefinity Gaming Experience @ [H]

    I appreciate you guys taking the time to give your honest opinion about the 3x2 setup. I have been holding off on a 3x1 setup thinking this might be better. I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer: 1.) Why do you think repositioning the center of the screen to the bottom middle...
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    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    I have to second the comment made about viewing images on the [ H ]. I have been a viewer for many many years and I would say it is about time to implement a real image viewer in the articles and the news. There are tons of free options out there, you can embed flickr, or buy slideshowpro for...
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    L4D2 Boycotter "Invented" Spitter

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Gah that is just funny as hell!
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    ‘CostToDrive’ Web Application Is Handy

    Calculations and estimates are just wrong.
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    Developers Fight Back Against Used Game Sales

    I too remember a day when extra maps and content was free, not just from the public but from the developers. I echo what many have said in this forum...I will not pay $60.00 for the games that are being churned out today! Bugs, short, rehash garbage...most of them. I will not preorder ever. I...
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    Wintech Sucks it Down™

    I noticed that it is very hard to find Ultra cases right now. I am sure I am one of the few that actually had a pleasant experience with their products. I am still running one of these MicroFly MX6 Micro ATX Case w/ 600 Watt XVS PSU and it has lasted through two motherboards, 3 cpus all...
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    BenQ V2400W In Depth Review

    What do you guys think about this monitor...pros and cons? I will be using it for my PC and 360.