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    Why didn't anyone tell me it was this easy?

    Exactly what my thoughts were. Currently have 93 uncompressed Blu-ray rips (mainmovie, subtitles and English audio tracks only; no menus or special features) packaged into ISO files taking up 2.34 TB. Playback is done through XBMC. Yes, I could possibly encode them and not tell the difference...
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    Using my own domain name with Dynamic DNS?

    +1 I've had no problems with this.
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    How to handle updates on workstations

    Try Desktop Central. It is free for SMB's with up to 25 systems.
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    pfSense question

    PfSense is a firewall out of the box. If you want to route between these two networks only I think what you are after is to disable NAT. Otherwise these two networks will be NAT'ed through 1.245. This can be done through System->Advanced I if memory serves.
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    Win 7 Losing Network Intermittently (Internet OK)

    I encountered a problem a couple of years ago on one of our remote sites (no IT person onsite). We had reports of network connectivity issues with Windows 7 computers onsite. All non Windows 7 computers (XP, Vista, etc) were connected to the same LAN, same switch, with no problems. We noticed...
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    Program to mirror data to external drives periodically

    If you only want to do a one way mirror you could use robocopy. robocopy "SOURCE" "DEST" /MIR See robocopy /? for more options.
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    Need case with as much bays as possible.

    Fractal Design Define XL? 10 x 3.5" bays 4 x 5.25" bays The case includes a single 5.25" -> 3.5" bracket and you could always convert the other bays using a 4 in 3.
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    Need storage advice for home all-in-one server

    Yeah, I think I was wrong. I was aware of some scenarios. Maybe it is only USB datastores that are not allowed which is why mine did not allow it. AIO at the moment has: PVR VM: Single card but dual TV tuner passed through. Running tvheadend which my XBMC HTPC connects to. Storage VM...
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    Need storage advice for home all-in-one server

    Your setup is similar to mine: ESXi AIO: E3-1240 V2 | Supermicro X9SCM-F | 16 GB Kingston ECC | M1015 | 2 x ST3000DM001 | 6 x HD204UI | Fractal Design Define XL | TBS 6280 Dual DVB-T2 I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but I don't think you can install ESXi and have a datastore...
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    Trouble flashing ibm m1015 to IT mode

    The screenshot above has a comma instead of a dot in sbrempty.bin That was probably it.
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    Safest Virtual Drive Program for Win7 64?

    I use MagicISO. Have used it to mount hundreds of ISO's and never had a problem with it.
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    Want to convert DVD collection to digital media for HTPC. Best/fastest programs?

    Do you need them to be MKV's? XBMC for example can play ISO's. I would have thought other media center software can do the same.
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    Want to convert DVD collection to digital media for HTPC. Best/fastest programs?

    Try DVD Shrink. You can specify a target size and can reauthor the DVD to pull out the main movie into an ISO file or other format. Reauthoring a film with zero compression only takes about 5-10 minutes. Reencoding one using Handbrake will take longer and you have 700 to do. You can also pull...
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    Samsung HD204UI write error rate

    TheSpoon, I've just read through the latest posts in your thread. I'm going to try removing the hdd, taking it out and away from the case altogether. The hdds have always been laid flat during operation. My tests comprise of duplicating a 2.4 GB file full of alphanumeric characters. Last night...
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    Samsung HD204UI write error rate

    Time for an update on this thread. I have since purchased and built a HTPC. Here is the spec: ASUS P8H67--M PRO i3 2120 8GB Corsair XMS3 It has one 500 GB Seagate 7200.12 HDD which is not suffering from any problems. SATA mode is set to AHCI. Two of the Samsung drives have been tested in this...