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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    Thanks Kyle and Brent! Nothing like some old school manual tweaking to get that vsync going, and who knows what other support features could be enabled that way. Looking forward for the bigger review!
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    RAID Strategy with 8x 6TB Disks

    For a similar sized, 6x6TB drives, internal RAID6 array, what RAID controller card would you guys recommend? I have been looking at the Areca 1882i, and i know there are a few others out there that can do a similar task. Or is it even worth getting a RAID6 card these days? Thanks!
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    Your video card time to upgrade criteria?

    Used to be every other cycle, or when money allowed for it. Not as much need now, to be competitive you actually need run lower graphic settings, so upgrading was a waist of money. And so many games out, can't play them all so no point buying them on 0-day, might as well wait for sales, and get...
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    Crytech USA Lays off staff (leadership quit) Well, didn't expect that.
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    GOG Games Summer Sale 700+ Titles

    Thanks OP!
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    Intel Devil's Canyon: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly @ [H]

    Slightly disappointed, but not surprised. Was also looking to upgrade, but i guess one more year the way it is isn't a bad thing. Kyle, thanks for the review.
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    GTX 880 and 800 Series to be More Powerful But Cheaper than the 700 Series

    I'm just happy that the 20nm production is picking up. Was getting worried that we would have to wait another year or two for the 20nm parts and the next iteration would simply be 28nm with added architecture, or revamped architecture. That's what some of the rumors a few months ago were saying.
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    Best upgrade from GTX275

    Just putting what i think you want and what people are saying into perspective. If you want to have best performance for the buck, go with with a 280x or even a R9 290 (can be had for under 300 in some cases). But then you will need to spend some time with your computer and make some driver...
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    Western Digital 4TB Red WD40EFRX - $140

    Hmm, looks interesting, which ones are better though, these WD Red or the HGST 4TB Deskstar Coolspin?
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    R9 prices coming down?

    Haven't been following the trends too much, but anyone know why the R9 suddenly fell in price? Also, between the Asus, Sapphire and XFX, any suggestions on which card to get? The NV 780s are a bit too rich for my liking still, but i do need a quite card, and both the Sapphire Tri-X and XFX...
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    Is 290 better than GTX 780?

    Question is popping up, the 780s can be had for $520-550, while the R9 290 (non x) can be had for $400-440.. go with the R9 290?
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    Sony Z1 Compact USA? Impressions?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. for those like me, i also found a lot of good input on this forum. I'm still on the fence, ideally would like to get it here through a carrier so that i could get a coverage plan. Did you buy it on...
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    Sony Z1 Compact USA? Impressions?

    Hi Guys, looking at this nice little phone. Reviews seem mostly positive and good for what i need: - small phone - excellent battery life - ok camera - good screen - lots of space and very compatible. My question is if anyone has one and your thoughts? Does anyone have one in the USA...
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance 48 hours to go! Can they make it over the 1 million mark and can we get a dog? (I shall call him "dead meat")
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    Mining & Cryptocurrency Forum

    Thanks Kyle! This is helpful, Mining was flooding this forum.