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    Texas Man Dies after Vape Pen Explosion Severs Artery to Brain

    These stupid people ruin good thing for everyone else. Vaping helped me to quit smoking after 25 years. Then I quitted vaping last year as well.
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    First-Ever 2020 Toyota Supra Sells for a Whopping $2.1 Million

    Nope, sorry but it's not a true Supra anymore.
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    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    While America is busy fighting over $5B for the wall … LOL … With the shutdown time, they already spent that much of $5B already.
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    Pennsylvania Proposes Tax on Mature Video Games Due to Violence, School Shootings

    Let see what cars cause the most accidents, and tax the hell out of them as well.
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    California Officially Becomes First in Nation Mandating Solar Power for New Homes

    Reusable energy … maybe CA needs to find the way to convert forest fire into energy instead. They have plenty of that all year around.
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    Sony Demands Removal of Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal's "Intimacy Mode" on PS4

    lol @ SJW and feminists. Soon they will have to play with themselves, 'cuz people will be afraid even touch them.
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    Microsoft Employees Beg Company Not to Bid on US Military's Project JEDI

    Everything you build can use for war one way or another. Even working for big tech company like MS, they are still that stupid.
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    "Sex Robot Brothel" Blocked by Houston Government

    Many women already have done wonderful job to degrade women.
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    Motherboard Makers Are Moving Manufacturing Out of China

    Maybe it's better to have move more factories to Mexico, so they don't have to cross border into US anymore.
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    Steam Accused of Objectifying Women after Approving Uncensored Porn Game

    #MeToo movement is like 'I seduced him to get in bed with me, but I didn't get what I wanted', so now I joined #MeToo movement to accuse him for raping me.
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    Devolver Digital “Apologizes Unreservedly” for Nazi Imagery in “SCUM”

    I hope SJWs are offended by air, so they can refuse to breath :) ...
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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    Why? Bear did not do anything wrong. He was injury, and he was just defending. If you wanted to help that stupid guy, then you would shoot him instead. That would help him to die less painful. It's about time that all idiots just need to stop taking selfies with everything.
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    PETA Criticizes Far Cry 5 for Fishing

    Do these snowflakes know what is real and what is not anymore?
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    Riot Regrets “Unnecessarily Sexualized” Design of League of Legends Character

    Wait 'till they demand dev to create hundred genders :) ..