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    clients conflicting on dual cores?

    alright I set both to run with -local in th registry, hopefully this will fix it.
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    clients conflicting on dual cores?

    how do i run it with the -local option? i read: and it said the run FAH3Console -local -config, which I did, now do I need to setup the service to run with FAH@C:+Program Files+fah2+FAH504-Console.exe -local too?
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    clients conflicting on dual cores?

    For some reason the second copy of my folding client will stop and print: Process 460 is currently running and may also be a client with Mach. ID 2. Program will now exit. Upon restart, this check will not be done -- you may wish to check that no client is currently running in C:\Program...
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    Smartsound quicktracks plugin causing programs not to run

    This is very strange, whenever i try to run the FLAC frontend or Omnipad i get this: I have no ideal what Smartsound quicktracks plugin is and i searched all my HDs for that file and its nowhere on my system. I did a google search and found ou that it has something to do with...
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    F@H directory is 1.1GB?

    I just deleted all of them, so far fah isn't bitching about it.
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    F@H directory is 1.1GB?

    My folding at home directory is 1.1GB, and has over 200 .pdb files, Is this normal? I don't think the client needs to have all those files so can i delete them?
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    Doom 3 on Voodoo 2 screenshots!!

    time to dust off my twin 12MB voodoo 2s for some SLI action. :p
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    Doom 3 SDK released!

    great, now maybe someone can make the game fun. :p
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    HL2 Preload 6!

    i tried for sevral hours last night to get preload 6, but it never started. Same thing today, no matter how many times a restart steam it doesn't preload. :(
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    OHHH Man!

    i got bored halfway through the first gta3
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    STALKER release date?

    before half-life 2
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    How did Valve come up with the idea of CSS as the ONLY multiplayer for HalfLife2 ?

    It made me decide not to buy it until they have real multiplayer mods out, very disapointing.
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    Half Life 2 First Review *56k users beware*

    Isn't this the same magazine that gave doom 3 a 97%? saying a game is 1% better then doom 3 isn't much of a complement... :p
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    The HL2 retail offers

    I'll go for the standard edition box, i don't need all the shwag and i can make my own DVD copy.
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    So whats the news on S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

    i think it got pushed back to 2005, before that the rumor was it would be out in November of this year.