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    Optical sound card

    Thanks mvmiller12, I missed where you had posted that earlier. Went ahead and got the U3. Appreciate it.
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    Optical sound card

    How about this:Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro USB Audio System with SBX SB1095. I'm assuming my headphones would simulate the 7.1 part...
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    Optical sound card

    I think this Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 should fit the bill for what I'm looking for. Any thoughts?
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    Optical sound card

    I have Steelseries Siberia 800 headphone and an Asrock ab350m pro4. I'd like to use Dolby 7.1 surround. It doesn't look like my mobo has a header to attach an add on toslink connection. To get 7.1, it seems that you have to use the 3 3.5mm ports on the back as well as the one that would be on...
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    Optical sound card

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a sound card with optical out that will support my 7.1 headphones. My motherboard unfortunately doesn't have any toslink so I need something pcie that works with Windows 10. The cheaper the better and even usb is ok as long as it has Dolby 7.1. Thanks in...
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    I think my 980 Ti may be going bad. Help please.

    I'd do a clean wipe of the drivers, and then reinstall. Then I'd stress test it with Furmark for an hour and see if it crashes.
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    Oh man!, I am so freaking nostalgic about Nehalem

    I meant the total industries IPC, they obviously didn't catch up to Intel on that front.
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    Oh man!, I am so freaking nostalgic about Nehalem

    I'm sure a lot of professionals really liked what happened this year with Ryzen/Threadripper. Definitely not a substantial IPC increase, but AMD's core count increase directly affected the market and forced Intel's hand on it's expensive 6+ core cpus. I myself enjoyed the switch to Conroe from...
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    FX8320 vs I5 2320

    I recently upgraded my computer to Ryzen+Vega and planned on handing down my fx8320+R9 290 to my girlfriend. I didn't realize that she had a computer her dad had previously buildt her with an i5 2320 in it. I've always been an AMD guy, but only due to the fact that they're generally cheaper...
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    EK Fluid Gaming A240R

    This is what I was thinking would be the answer. Thank you and pendragon1 for the responses, I only use my computer for gaming and I wear headphones so I do not believe I'll purchase the kit.
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    EK Fluid Gaming A240R

    EK just released an kit for vega and it supports Ryzen for $240(link below). My current vega 56 has the following settings in wattman: Frequency %: 3 Voltage control: 1100 for pstate 6 and 7 Memory:900mhz Fan speed: max Power limit: +50 This results in my gpu core clock boosting and...
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    Monitors under $250

    I'm personally and Ultrawide guy. You can get an LG 29" ultrawide for roughly your budget. Some people preach high refresh rate monitors, but I've never personally experienced one.
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    Vesa Bracket

    I'm looking to mount my old 1080p 25" monitor above my 34" ultrawide. Problem is, the 25" has 6 holes for the mount and the ultrawide has 4. 4 out of the six holes are infact Vesa, but it would cause the monitor to be off center. Does anyone know of a bracket or mounth that would...
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    Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1?

    I purchased both and I do think you should get both. With that being said, I voted for BF1. I think its the slightly better game personally, but I do enjoy both. TF2 is pretty similar to the previous version, but BF1 is the first good BF game since BF4 IMO. Maybe purchase BF1 now, and TF2...
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    New build after four years. Thoughts?

    I too would recommend the 280x based on performance. As long as you get a good custom cooler one, I can't imagine heat being an issue. I run a r9 290 in a closed media center stand(albeit stock) with no heat issues. Also is there a reason you're getting 4x4GB of RAM? Most suggest 2x8GB. If...