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    20 Toughest Interview Questions Heard At Apple, Google and Twitter

    For the dwarf one, just have the tallest dwarf say the color of the hat in front of him. You're guaranteed to save every dwarf but one at the minimum.
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    Insomniac Releases First Look at Sunset Overdrive

    I sort of felt the same way when I saw it. Not 'cause I'm a bitter old man (I am), but because I like a little more meat nowadays when it comes to my games. Just pointing and clicking to make things go boom isn't enough anymore. I like my games to feel more like an interactive movie/book...
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    Support Your Fellow [H] Reader By Kickstarting This Project!

    Aaaannnnd.... I probably should have read the comments better before I posted. Now, which button flips the forum over and makes me cry like a little girl?
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    Support Your Fellow [H] Reader By Kickstarting This Project!

    I love the real world physics.... That way, when I lose at monopoly, I can still flip the board over and run out of the room crying like a little girl.
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    DARPA Celebrates Its 56th Birthday

    Why does it look like that robot is giving me the finger? FUCK YOU! I'm a robot!
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    Video Games Are For Boys, No Girls Allowed

    I liked the scrolling too, but only the parts that were blue.
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    Senator Wants To Study Games' Links To Violent Crime

    I want to study how violent crime leads to games being made. It makes just as much sense.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    I can't wait to put my dong on something like that some day.
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    Using Technology To Battle Webcam Child Sex Tourism

    I didn't have any idea what "Webcam child sex tourism" was. I was like, "when will people learn to think of the webcam children and stop sending them on sex tours?"
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    Windows 8.1 Gains Traction Among Desktop OS Users

    I get the windows 8 hate. I got a new desktop at work and I imaged it with windows 8.1 just 'cause it was available and I wanted to give it a try; it's different. I had to spend a big chunk of the day making some of the programs we use work with 8.1 and it feels a bit awkward still even...
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    J.C. Penney Apologizes For Former Apple Exec's Moves

    That's not exactly true. My mom works at JC Penny. What people really wanted was their every day low price and coupons. Since they went back, customers keep telling her that they liked the old cheap stuff. As for their change in image, she told me that it seemed like they were just...
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    The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Trailer

    You know, I don't know why I liked that, but I did. I was disappointed that there wasn't any gameplay footage, but for some reason it grabbed my attention and made me want to watch the rest of the video to see what was gonna happen.
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    Ubisoft Shows Off Black Flag and Blood Dragon Trailers

    They had me at nudity.
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    North Korean Missile Test Delayed by Windows 8

    From the looks of the computer in this article, it looks like he wishes he had hardware that would run Windows 95: I'd be more likely to believe a story that their launch was delayed by a faulty...
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    Iranian Scientist Says He Invented a 'Time Machine'

    You know it's not true. If he really invented a time machine we wouldn't be speaking English we'd all be speakinisdofnsdfnio...... PRAISE ALLAAHH!!