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    [H] Folders Take The #1 Spot Again!

    /delurk F'ing Awesome effort all.:cool: Proud to have been a small part of it.
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    [H]appy new year guys.

    Thanks all for the kind words, I have missed [H] a lot. I have 24GB of new RAM in SR2#2, and it is folding nicely at a sedate 4.0Ghz. 24 hrs in to a 6903, which is a great stability test. Once I move over to #2 I will then try to see what the problem with #1 was - it could have been mobo, RAM...
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    [H]appy new year guys.

    [H]appy new year guys. :p Where have I been? Working my tail off. Family commitments. Getting well. Total FAH blackout for me.:( It is just about midnight here in Oz, and stinking hot. My main SR2 is dying, losing overclock and burnt out. Crash crash crash, and no time to properly fix...
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    New bigadv project 6904

    It is a beta WU. Change hfm to:
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    Pulled the same WU on two machines??

    I have pulled the same WU in different machines at the same time before - it does happen and is normal apparently.
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    Bigbeta in a VM

    I am on A50 too. I will be very in interested to see if: a) your turbo is engaged, and we are on an even footing (apart from 4.1 vs 3.6Ghz) b) your turbo is not engaged, you get a new boost, and I am back to hunting for why my rig is slower. They say great science is built on the...
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    Pretty messed up

    Damn, that is quite the list. Glad you caught it early.
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    Bigbeta in a VM

    Found the problem - it is turbo! Turbo is not engaging when folding in a VM. Folding windows native: Folding with Linux guest on Win7 Host in Virtualbox Now with C States enabled or disabled in the BIOS, we get the same result, but I remembered a C1E work-around developed by sfield: You...
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    We need a new DAB rep

    I second all the names above (apart from mine), and include Patriot... But whoever it is, they have to want the job. Our 3rd rep will have an uphill battle... I would personally love to do the job, but I have a business to run and a new baby due any day now, so I could not take it on and do it...
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    Health Issue

    Good to hear. Wishing you and yours the best...
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    Bigbeta in a VM

    10% penalty on captured 6901, 3% penalty on live 2685. Also on the 2685 i am running the vm minimized and disabled the preview window in VB. Might as well. BFS kernel 2.6.35-28-generic-ck installed as per Mr Musky guide gave me 50% CPU usage, so I don't think it was working right. What ubuntu...
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    Bigbeta in a VM

    Jebo you are a legend. (picture of Jebo relaxing) SUCCESS. Finally I have a workble solution, after months of faffing around. :D:D:D Ubuntu 11.04 on latest kernel v3.0-rc7 as guest on Win7 host using Virtualbox. Numa disabled, krakken does nothing but I have it there anyway so I can...
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    Bigbeta in a VM

    ok, just installed Ubuntu as guest in VB and am getting same results as linuxforge - but with benefit of GUI for us dummies. EDIT - most important, GUI makes it easy to backup FAH folder while running before control C shutdown. Check in work folder to make sure this did not happen during...