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    Don't you just love overly verbose inane html code?

    I have no web designing experience and made a page for my friends tv show in publisher. I am experiencing those nightmares now.
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    Wii outsells PS3 6 to 1 in Japan?

    Hopefully they can come up with enough supply to meet the demand.
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    Confused about download speeds

    Try going to and downloading the various test files there.
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    Firefox wont play stream (asf) via embedded Windows Media Player

    I am setting VLC to output an ASF stream. I tried your suggestion and it did not work. It resulted in the same thing.
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    Can't use video in while using Remote Desktop on XP

    My computer that has my Nvidia Ti4200 with video in/out is pretty much only accessed via Remote Desktop. What I am trying to do is get VLC or any other program to stream from my video in to the internet.VLC won't work, and if I try to use Intervideo WinDVR (I used this all the time before using...
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    Firefox wont play stream (asf) via embedded Windows Media Player

    I am using VLC to stream to a webpage with Windows Media Player embedded. The file is WMV with mp3 audio in asf format. It works fine in IE, but Firefox just shows a media player, then it disappears. <OBJECT ID="MediaPlayer" WIDTH="192" HEIGHT="190"...
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    Jerk getting in my wireless...

    I was searching for Horse Porn when I found this thread...
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    Gigabyte AMD t-shirt

    I got two of these also.Only ordered one. Thanks OP!!!
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    Anyone know why I am being asked for a password to view my shared folders?

    I've had issues like that fixed with a reboot of both machines. YMMV.
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    Free cap or voltage tester(survey)

    Thanks OP. Got my VoltAlert today.
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    Adaptec ASH1233 not compatible with older MB (MSI 6163 Pro)

    have an Adaptec IDE Controller and I am trying to use it on an MSI 6163 mobo (Slot 1 P2/3, with latest bios). I have no problem booting with the card in place, but if there are any hard drives attached, the system wont boot past the 'Verifying DMI Pool' stage. This card states that it requires...
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    Wiring my home questions

    What kind of box are you using? If Motorola you can check the signals by turning the box off by hitting power then select select. Check here for more info.
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    I recently made the change to OpenDns and I notice it is slightly faster. I would rather see a "Page cannot be displayed" then the OpenDns suggestions though.
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    Digital phone adapter + Router

    They are on 5.8GHz
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    FTP Server

    I am using Bulletproof on WindowsXP. I don't really like it as the throttling doesn't really work and there is no overall speedlimit setting. I have tried various different programs and this is the one I stuck with.