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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    I bought both an AMD 5700XT and an nVidia 2070 Super back in late 2020 at retail price before the insanity hit, I think it was like $800 for both. I didn't even think much about the prices back then, I just bought both to see which one I would like more in my main rig, thinking I would put the...
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    Windows 11 beta thread

    Anyone tried this in a VM? Would it even work?
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    5700XT driver situation August 2020

    Same here. I bought my 5700XT late last year and it's been nothing but problems, so many problems, and I'm not even much of a gamer. Many of my Photoshop plug-ins simply crashed if I enabled GPU acceleration, in fact, I had to disable hardware acceleration on numerous other apps as well...
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    Paramount Is Urging Theaters to Show Ang Lee's New Sci-Fi Movie at 120 FPS

    What turned me off when I saw the HFR version of The Hobbit was how much the hyper-realism took me out of the film. It was too easy to see all the flaws in the sets and costumes, things like sloppy paint brush marks on the walls, Phillips head screws holding planks together, fake fire in the...
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    How do we give gamers first crack at new cards?

    Right now video card makers have little incentive to cater to gamers when crypto is rolling in profits by the truckload. They might end up getting burned big time down the road though. If this keeps up long enough, it might stagnate the market for high-end gaming as developers scale back to...
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RX Vega 64 O8G GAMING Video Card

    A gaming video card? I remember those! Back in the day you could just walk into a store or go online and buy one. Gosh, I haven't seen one of those since forever. I didn't think they still existed. :D
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    Microsoft’s Edge Browser Is in Serious Trouble

    I will go to my grave hating any web browser MS creates because my brain is forever scarred by the abomination that was IE6.
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    I am so excited!!!!!!

    I still remember that day I showed up at the LAN party rocking my huge tower case containing a pair of Voodoo2's, Matrox Millenium, and a Celeron 300A@450 with a Golden Orb cooler. I was like I walked in with the Belle of the Ball that day.
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    Is Azio MGK1 Mechancial Keyboard any good?

    So far the only thing that bothers me about the keyboard is that they flipped the position of the Shift key characters (E.g. the The numbers are above the symbols, forward slash above the question mark, etc.. instead of the other way around). While it doesn't affect the way the keys work...
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    Is Azio MGK1 Mechancial Keyboard any good?

    Just got mine in today. Love the build quality, nice metal base and it has a good heft to it. The brown switches feel pretty good for typing. Not sure I like the lighting, it seems a bit too bright, but I'll see if I get use to it. Haven't had a chance to do much gaming with it yet, so can't...
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    Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer To End Soon

    The reason I don't think this will work is because most households probably have more than one computer (E.g. Main desktop, tablet/laptops for each family member). $10/month for the entire household would be affordable, but $10/month for each PC, laptop and tablet could amount to $40-$60/month...
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    You May Need Less RAM Than You Think

    Our new workstations came with 64GB, seemed like complete overkill at first, but we anticipate the use of VM's to become more and more common, and the projected 5-6 year life-span of these machines will probably take us to the era where 64GB is close to mainstream.
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    Intel Tick-Tock dead, Now Process-Architecture-Optimization.

    I recently upgraded not because my system was slow, but simply because it was getting old . After almost 5 years of 24/7 use it was probably close to the time for components like the mobo, power supply, hard drive etc. to start failing. Toss in a much needed video card upgrade and I figured I...
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    What Stack for Project?

    Doesn't sounds like anything you couldn't do with PHP/JS/MySQL, and I don't see that combo going away in the near future.
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    Which Programing to learn?

    I don't think the cost of the IDE should be the determining factor when planning your long-term career goals. But even so, Microsoft does offer free versions of Visual Studio for individual use, and the expensive paid versions will likely be covered by your employer anyway.