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    Good computer/gaming chair

    I have the 'old school' AK Octane that I got almost a decade ago (might be over a decade now actually). Love love love that chair.
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    Netflix Launches A Simple Speed Test

    Fast gave me 140 Mbps Speedtest 40 Mbps I pay for 40 (CenturyLink Fiber), so that's an odd one for sure.
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    Facebook Bug Allowed Attackers to Take Over Accounts on Other Sites

    Seemed to happen to me quite awhile ago. Didn't use my old 1996 yahoo address for facebook and someone made an account using it even though they didn't have my yahoo password. So I just took it back and removed the other address and left it as a fake/blank profile.
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    Is Paying For Antivirus A Waste Of Money?

    Soeaking of, I found a Riva 128 in my office today. Anyone want it? On topic: I use Kaspersky and paid Malwarebytes just to be safe when I have a brain fart and click on something impatiently. I use that combo for the non technical people I know too - maybe for me it's more of a 'I want to know...
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    Windows Turns 30 Today

    Why can't I fdisk a partition larger than 32MB? I need DOS 4.0+? Crap!
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    Windows Turns 30 Today

    Same. Except I used a TRS-80 Model 4 until 1990.
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    Pennsylvania Proposes $50M Fine Against Uber

    Also worth noting that PA is planning to raise the gas tax again this/next year along with with the sales tax from 6% to 7.5% (7 to 8.5% in Allegheny county/Pittsburgh since politicians there are money hungry f-sticks). So glad I left.
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    Pennsylvania Proposes $50M Fine Against Uber

    Highest gas taxes in the country: PA is #1
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    Fallout 4

    Thanks. Can't wait until I get to that one. Hilarious stuff.
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    Apartment-Dwellers Shop Online More

    We have probably about 200 units on 5 floors in my building and all packages are taken in a back room in the leasing office. It's an absolute madhouse. They obviously didn't design the building to have close to a hundred packages a day. People have ordered huge furniture and it has sat there for...
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    Pittsburgh Mayor: Verizon Broke Agreement To Provide FiOS To Entire City

    Correct, it was right about the time GF was started (2004, 2005ish I believe). I think I was one of the first FIOS ones because we were on DSL and 18k+ feet from the office so we could only get 860kbit max down when it worked at all.
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    Pittsburgh Mayor: Verizon Broke Agreement To Provide FiOS To Entire City

    Considering Pennsylvania gave $2.1 Billion to Verizon to wire the whole state and they did about 5% said, "Whoops, ran out of money..." and stopped. Good reason to be mad...
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    Official Hard|Gaming Servers

    Okay, NUC is installed. Should be up 24/7 now.
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    Official Hard|Gaming Servers

    I have a Minecraft 1.8.7 Vanilla server at It's not on 24/7 right now but will be soon. I bought an Intel NUC that I'll copy it to and run it from there.
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    Prime Day is Coming 7/15/2015

    I got to it at 3 seconds in and was in the wait list. I got to the add to your cart and it's "checking deal status" for the past half hour.