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    Wallpapers for 21:9 screens - 3440x1440 goodness!

    Pixel Awesomeness!!!
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    Bankers hate you?!

    Thought this was odd. With the recent trend in some big names in banking "committing" suicide. IMO wall street hit squads are covering up their dirty tracks for the coming financial reset.
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    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    Imagine what you could "slap" together in there! Reactive armor still intact!?!
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    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    Totally love the Zavod 311 map! Glad you all enjoyed it. Lots of shrubbery to hide in! To those that have not played this map, enjoy!
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    BF4 - ??? ZAVOD 311 ???

    This is from the Slobozhanshchyna region of Ukraine. Thought this was pretty cool. Despite the coming global conflagration.
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    You Can Now 3D-Print Your Unborn Fetus

    The "Trendy" folks stick crucifixes in jars of urine and call it art!
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    Yes it is worth it!
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    Worth every penny! I did some upgrades, and am having a blast!
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Performance Preview @ [H]

    Great review. Waiting for followup!!!
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    Battlefield 4 Beta Performance Preview @ [H]

    Time to upgrade!
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    Dad Hacks Wheelchair For 2 Year Old

    Coolest tech news story I've seen in quite awhile!
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    CISPA raises its ugly head again !!!!!!!!

    Hey everybody didn't know where to post this, so i thought this was a good place. Heads up all you "Freedom Lovers" ! To those beholden to the current state ( cradle to grave ), wake up and join the fight! Later~
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines "Kick Ass" Trailer

    Looks like console demo.
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    Amazon’s Giftwrapping Leaves a Bit to Be Desired

    Didn't come from my "Fulfillment Center" !!
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    New Bioshock Infinite Trailer

    Serious Sam meets Undying.