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    Any IQ loss (mainly in textures) going from 40" to 55" in 4k?

    After getting used to the high density PPI of phones and Retina screens on the MacBook Pro, even my HP Spectre glossy (The only gloss 4K ATM) 32" 4K looks not-so-great up close, 2-2.5ft away it looks 90% as good though. For me IMO 4K is best suited for 27-30" and 5K for 32-40" and 8K for 55"...
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    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    I guess I better start saving up for 2 1080 Tis and the monitor itself... But the lack of 8K content, the PPI would be amazing. 400-500% scaling should be enough to get same text size as 27" 1080p only much sharper. The PPI on my 32" 4K still isn't quite high as I'd like it to be and I don't...
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    Monitor died, need suggestions on replacement.

    I have a 32" glossy 4K and its the perfect size. Not too big or too small. Anything bigger will be too big though. Also have a 24" 1440p 144hz modded to make it glossy. 4K is nice but 144hz is better for gaming. 4K for browsing and movies.
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    RED and Sharp team up on 8K monitor technology

    Would love a 32" 8K monitor. No bigger than that. Imagine the super high PPI and clarity you would get and 32" is a good size without being overwhelming. It would be like looking out a window. Lack of 8K content tho...
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    49 vs 43? Is 49 too big?

    Even 32" is really pushing it for me, I would prefer 30" and just run higher scaling. High PPI looks nice as well. I prefer sitting closer (about 2-3 feet) so I can enjoy the high PPI and crispness. Really depends on what you're going to use the monitor for.
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    Am I crazy, thinking about going back to 22" from my 24" for higher PPI ?

    I have 32" glossy 4K and would prefer 30" or perhaps that 27" 5K Glossy Dell but 27" is a little small, still pretty big though compared to my old 21.5 1080p. I could go back to 27" and get used to it again and be happy with it. 32" is the max for me because I sit pretty close to actually enjoy...
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    4k, fav screen size for pc use?

    HP Spectre 32. It's an IPS 8-bit AUO panel.
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    4k, fav screen size for pc use?

    Increase scaling. I run 150% on my 32" and ran 200% on the matte 27" while colors were poor I did miss the sharp text. Glossy was a mandatory so 32" is high enough PPI but I still want higher, Pixels can still be just barely visible. I want no pixels visible. Hence why I'm considering a 27" 5K...
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    4k, fav screen size for pc use?

    27-32" and no higher. 27" ideally for 4K and 32" for 5K. I went with a 32" glossy 4K as its the only gloss 4K. Returned 2 Matte 27" 4K due to poor colors. At 32" the PPI still isn't as high as I'd like it to be. Really been considering a 27" 5K Glossy UP2715K as the prices have come down. I...
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    24" non glossy 1920x1080 monitor for office work

    Well if you want to reduce reflections without matte you need Anti-Reflective coating on a glossy screen, It's that greenish/purplish coating on high-end eye glasses and camera optics. The only monitors that use this are the Nixeus Vue 1440p and the EXTREMELY expensive Dell UP2715K 5K monitor...
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    32" 5K Glossy monitors exist?

    I have been considering that. Sadly It's discontinued but I found a few on Amazon for $800 refurbished. I could use that with my 32" 4K. The 5K will be mainly for browsing, reading due to high PPI being like printed paper. The 32" 4K is for gaming and movies.
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    Best Monitor for Crap Eyesight @ 24-28" under $400?

    High resolution with scaling is actually easier on eyesight than low res with no scaling. I use 4K and Windows 7 with 150% scaling and everything is more readable and sharp than my old 24" 1080p.
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    32" 5K Glossy monitors exist?

    So I've been using a 32" 4K Glossy and would like something with higher PPI while keeping the 32" size (27 is too small and 40 is too big) 32" is a good middle ground. Are there ANY 32" glossy 5K out there yet?
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    When Will We Have The Perfect Monitor?

    Yeah, once you get used to a truly high density display It's hard to go back. What we need is a 32" 5K 2880p so we can have 27" 4K PPI on a larger panel. Although I feel that 32" 4K is to a point where it can be considered "Good enough" my 27" 1440p looks like a pixelated mess now.
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    When Will We Have The Perfect Monitor?

    32" @ 150% scaling is a lot more desktop real estate than a 27" 1440p. It's the same as 32" 1440p real estate. It's the same PPI as a 21" 1440p. Yeah, higher refresh rate would be nice. I have a 32" glossy 4K and would really prefer a higher hz but It's hard to go back to anything less than...