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    oh crap, what did i kill this time?

    try re seating RAM and so on
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    Out Of Boredom....

    thanks for the comments people
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    I just got a $150 gift card for compusa help me spend it

    i would say a hard drive or a new case if you need one!
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    Out Of Boredom....

    it will be done next time though lol! this was a test it all started during a drinking session........................
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    Out Of Boredom....

    come on peepz u gotta love it!
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    Comp runs slow after cooling mod

    turn your fans back up to full speed sounds like its overheating the CPU
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    Out Of Boredom....

    My and my friend neil decided to paint an old pc that still works! It was last weekend, i took the pictured today though! here it is - these are the specs - CPU - 6x86 PR 166+ RAM - 32Mb EDO Memory Mobo - TX Pro Chipset GFX - 4Mb S3 Virge PCI Card HDD - 4Gb O/S...
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    NORMAL LAYOUT lit keyboards?

    think i might have to mod my own keyboard too...dont like those smaller keys maybe if i can get transparent buttons then do the EL sheet or wires myself! how does EL wire or sheets power though?
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    The Goldfinger

    that is stunning my friend! i too would like to see some daytime shots and also one from the back of the case
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    newbie question

    if they are in there, there is always a way out :-D
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    P*ssed Off

    That you took so long to get back online now Welcome Back! :D
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    here is the outside
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    My PC (With Pics, 56K OK)

    ok i redid the ide cables so they go behind the the other side of the case hows it look?
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    heres mine
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    Inside of my case

    did you turn your HD cage around like that?