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    Purchase BF3 from Origin and get Dead Space 2 for free.

    You're right. It worked for me right before I made my post. Maybe it was a one-time use coupon. :o
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    Purchase BF3 from Origin and get Dead Space 2 for free.

    20% off code, without needing to lie about your birthday (expires 9/30): A23XC-EAPAB-XGG3E
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    Thermal Output chart?

    Here's one for mid-range cards:,2977-8.html
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    30% off all Steelseries products.

    New code: "epic30". Good until 9/12. I want to grab a 4HD, but they are OOS. Hopefully they'll have more available before 9/12, if not, I'll just bite teh bullet and get the 9HD.
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    crucial ballistix RMA

    Just had one of my sticks die on me last night. I'm in the same boat with the original packaging. I JUST threw it away a couple of days ago too, thinking that I'd never need it. My plan is to buy a different brand of RAM as a replacement. Then, I'll use that packaging to RMA my ballsticx. I...
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    BenQ FP241VW ~my review/thoughts

    nice review--thanks for the pix
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    Corsair 550VX power supply question.

    Yes, the 8-4( = 4) pin is compatible with the p4 connector. My 550vx is silent. Honestly, as long as you have one case fan in your system, no matter how quiet it is, it will drown out the sound of the PSU. Runs everything in my sig.
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    The Official Core 2 OverClocking Database *READ 1st Post for Instructions*

    Thanks for maintaining the database! User Name: Luder[PAK9] Stability: 33hours Prime95 Blend CPU: E8400 OC: 3897 Stepping: 6 C0 Week: Q746 Code: A519 Vcore: 1.23 Cooling: Air Cooler brand/model: Cooler Master TX 2 Motherboard: MSI P35 Neo2-FR Bios Version: 1.7 Operating System: XP 32 RAM...
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    Durable Laptop?

    Yeah, the Toughbooks run about $2 grand. Thanks for the responses, guys. I helped my friend order a Vostro 1500. And just to be on the safe side, he got the 1 year accidental damage plan. :D
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    Undue nVidia's "Display Optimization Wizard"?

    I ran the display optimization wizard in the nVidia control panel and now my screen looks like shit. How do I go about restoring my old ICC profile?
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    Durable Laptop?

    My buddy asked me to find a good laptop for him. The key feature is durability. Basically, he wants it to withstand being knocked off his desk without breaking. He's only going be using it for basic computing--e-mail, dvds, etc, so performance isn't a real concern. I was looking at a Thinkpad...
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    Ultima-90I lapped by CrazyPC

    I take it no one here has ever heard of using salt and vinegar to remove oxidation from copper.
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    I think my hard drive is dead. Tips before i RMA it

    I had that same drive die on me too (the PATA version, though). But my problem, from what I could tell from the noise) was the head grinding against the platter. I took it out, let it sit for a day, and than ran it upside down. Was able to keep the drive working for the few hours it took to...
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    MSI NX8800GT 512M OC GeForce?

    Any thoughts on whether to keep the plastic cover that goes over the fins? On one hand, it seems that it helps ensure that air from the fan blows over the fins; on the other, the stock cooler from Zalman doesn't have a cover and you think they knwo what they're doing.
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    Newbie need helps with noverclocking!!!