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    Front USB Issue with Lian Li Lancool Mesh

    Had a similar issue with an intel nuc and a 1 foot usb extension cable solved the problem for the logitech unifying receiver for my m570 and mk270 keyboard.
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    20yrs of [H]

    [H]ardcore lurking since back in the day. There were lots of interesting posts back in the day. This thread is 100th post worthy
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    Trying to choose a new UPS

    I've never had any bad experiences with APC and I'm still using my white back ups 600 since the mid 90s maybe. It's older then other hardware I still have running. Have changed batteries in it maybe half a dozen times over the years. Do you have a local battery store? The one near me handles...
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    How long do you trust your PSU?

    Till they die. I probably don't push my power supplies as hard as the average user here though. Currently on a Seasonic M12 from March 2017. It replaced a Corsair modular power supply from around 2004 maybe? That Corsair was a trooper and kept going through multiple builds. I always have a...
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    Audio issue - Klipsch Promedia 2.1 pc speakers

    Could the automatic vacuum have hit or run over the cables? I know people have issues with the DIN plug on the subwoofer falling apart or getting loose. Can try wiggle testing the connection on the subwoofer.
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    Need help. I'm not a networking guy. Thanks in advance

    From your wired computer go to this website to see your public IP address If your modem is just a modem then your computer's public IP address should match what you see with the ipconfig command. If the output you posted earlier with your computer's ip of...
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    Ryzen 5 2600 high idle temps and temp spikes

    My current build at idle for comparison and another data point - asrock b450m, ryzen 5 2600, stock cooler, 16gb of whatever corsair memory was on sale at the time, antec 300 case from back in the day with it's 2 stock exhaust fans, Radeon R9 290, windows 10. In Hawaii so it's warm most days...
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    Much faster connection and yet much crappier video conferencing. How can that be?

    Multiple pieces have changed replacing your old modem and router with 1 piece. It'd be helpful to break down and test segments to try and identify the issue(s) so you know what to adjust or fix. Test directly connected to the modem to eliminate wifi on the new router/modem combo. If issue...
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    Pfsense 2.4.5 high memory consumption

    Running pfSense 2.4.5 with pfblockerNG. Ram is 22-24% on my SG-3100.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Cheapy Redragon K552 keyboard with Logitech MX Ergo. Used to the trackball now after a few weeks coming from an M570. Looking back on the thread now at keyboards to upgrade to.