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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    My plan was to upgrade next year anyway so I'm waiting to see if the x3D will be worth it or not. I may even wait until the end of 2023 for some more price drops on those if they are worth it.
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    Apple Sued for Allegedly Deceiving Users With Privacy Settings

    They can tap your line to monitor you. :)
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    Mick Gordon (sound designer of Doom) issues statement regarding DOOM Eternal

    To me, a Doom game without John Carmack isn't a Doom game. It's just another shooter game made by some people. They clearly lost the gold old "It' done when it's done" way of doing things even if John himself said it was a bad way of making games. I didn't play Ethernal but just seeing videos of...
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    Your CPU progression

    Intel 486 SX 25 Intel Pentium 120 Ciryx MII 233 AMD K6-2 350 (first water cooling, was homemade. Never used air cooler since) AMD Duron 750 (water cooling + peltier, was running at 9C idle and 23C full load. Fun experiment) AMD Athlon 1333 Intel P4 Prescott 3GHz Intel i7 2600K New build next...
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    Still using my 2600K built in 2012 with 16GB of RAM on a MSI Z68A-GD65 G3. Ugraded the graphic card to a R9 390 in 2016 and went with SSDs over the years. Should upgrade next year if Zen4 is good when prices go down a bit.
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    Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a

    I upgraded my 6a to Android 13 two days ago and so far everything is going well. The fingerprint scanner is faster as reported by others. No apparent power usage change for me between 12 and 13. Everything else is as smooth as it should.
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    Clearview AI aims to put almost every human in facial recognition database

    Taken care of in Canada
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    Seasonic X-750 750W PSU 10 Year Redux @ [H]

    Thank you Paul for your good PSU reviews over these years. You really upped the game over what could be found elsewhere. I'll miss that for sure!! Btw, I bought the XFX Black Edition 850W after your review nearly 10 years ago (and gold award) and it's still working perfectly!
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    What Should Yahoo Get Rid Of?

    First thing that came to mind is their useless search engine! ;)
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    Facebook Working On A Dislike Button

    I don't understand how it can be that hard to do...just rollback the webpage code to around 2008 or something like that and the dislike button will be back! ;)
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    I just want it more than anyone else for no single reason! :)
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Smaller is better because it fits nicely in under my TV.
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    Do You Have a Case on Your Smartphone?

    I don't have a cell phone at all.
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    My first and only ASUS motherboard I ever had was a KT133A with a Duron on it and a water cooled peltier. That board has always been unstable. Maybe a FREE new one would convince me of trying them again. ;)