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    External HD w/ network connection

    Synology DiskStation
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    win7 iso needed

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    Networking between XP and Windows 7

    This can happen if the Windows 7 computer thinks it is on a Public network. Make sure the Windows 7 PC is set to Home or Work for network location.
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    Office for Windows 10 Preview Available

    No Outlook preview. Only Powerpoint, Excel and Word.
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    New to Win 8.1 background/lockscreen
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    Win7 32 or 64-bit for 7 year old system?

    If you are using the hardware that is in your signature then go with 64-bit.
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    Single domain server - preparing for disaster

    So a couple of my clients rely on a single server that hosts their domain, user documents and one SQL database application. I currently have a file based backup solution but want to have some other type of backup that would secure their system in case of total failure. What would you guys...
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    Outlook '13 hangs on loading profile, even after wipe and restore, Word '13 freezes 2

    Try running outlook via Run: outlook.exe /safe This will run Outlook without any Add-Ons -- one of which may be the problem.
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    Lenovo Y480 laptop constantly losing WiFi connection

    I would check the wifi card physically. It won't void your warranty. There should be a panel on the underside you can take off to get to the card. Make sure its seated well in the slot and the antenna cords are hooked on real good.
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    Setting up a small company network -- need some suggestions

    DropBox. It will sync file over LAN first prior to searching on the cloud. Also take a look at SharePlan by Code42
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    Steam, Origin DDoSed?

    Probably wasn't DDoS. Most likely problem with AWS -- or weather related outage.
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    Printing from a PC not in domain

    This is the best option. Otherwise you are going to need to create a batch file that runs at logon so that he has permission to print to the shared printer.
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    Windows 8 - black flickering screen. How to fix?

    Try hitting F8 before the windows logo appears, choose Enable VGA mode from the selection screen.
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    HP Laptop - Corrupted Bios?

    Try this:
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    Cabling a house I just bought

    I'd leave the phone lines in place. Just install new panels and drop the data in with it.