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    This Just Seems Very Odd to Me

    Ive used a rocker for gaming.. it was great.. just put it on a rug so it doesnt slide around.. shoot wish I still had mine.
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    Any good vive controller charging dock

    those look interesting. I have been looking for something like that but 100.00 is a bit much for wood and 90.00 for a stand dont know go down to good will and you might find something just like that ie old manaquin? ouch sorry spelling.... and can get those for 1.00-3.00. dont think worth 90.00...
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    Advice needed on new 1080 Ti purchase, wait for next gen instead?

    yes indeed Sycraft.. Ive found my self doing exactly that. Im still kicking myself for buying a 1070 instead of a 1080 but I didnt want to spend that much money .... now sure wish I did. but Ill keep this 1070 till things get more reasonable.. besides will take me some time to save up enough to...
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    Google Wants to Use AMP to Make Email More Interactive

    ahhhhh a new way to get hit with advertising .... sigh
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    humble vr sale

    okay.. sounds reasonable. thank you.
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    Better head tracking with on-board USB 3.0?

    Alright.. thank you very much admiralperpetual. now to find a cable... groan....
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    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    wow... looks like you need a bigger desk! Very very nice setup..
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    Better head tracking with on-board USB 3.0?

    okay, a question here.. if youre using 3 of 4 ports on a board should you plug in the power? Havent been able to get a straight answer on that.
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    Help me make decision!! Which of these 2 games to DL??

    ah... sorry but neither... Checked out both games didnt buy
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    humble vr sale

    other than the usual places, steam, amazon, newegg, oculus store are there other places to purchase programs? Just wondering
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    Entry VR equipment

    shop around! I found a Rift with controllers for much less than usual. So, please do yourself a favor shop around. IF you get a rift their store has a bunch of free games to try out. Dont know if Vive offers the same probably do?? Also, if you have the money... get a 3d sensor makes a nice...
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    Fallout 4 VR

    Totally agree. Cant see paying twice for the same game especially for some reason I just cant get into Fallout 4... dont know what it is... But for 20.00 Id be willing to give it a try in VR and see if that makes a difference.
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    My Galax 1050ti exoc white came...

    purty purty purty... excellent job all around
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    you know, those could be empty boxes.
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    ??? Take a peek inside to see if you're so curious as what I ran into!

    shoot think I still have my windows 1.0 disks around here somewhere.. sigh Im olddddddd