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    1. copelandmaster

      I am inquiring about your Seiki se39uy04 offer. I am interested, and reside in the DFW area. Is it still available? What is your price? Do you have and terms and conditions?

      I am still learning how to use this forum interface, so bear with me if it takes some extra time to respond, or If I accidentally spam you with messages.
      1. linuxdude9
        I can't send you a private message for some reason. Is your private messaging working? I have heatware feedback here so you can see I have a good trading reputation.

        I was thinking $250. I have the original box and remote. I have two of these displays actually, the other one I'm keeping for myself :)
        Sep 11, 2017
      2. copelandmaster
        I looked it up and apparently a user has to have posted at least 100 messages & be registered for at least 30 days for PM's, or something. I registered a few days ago to take you up on your offer. I just started following this whole x28/x39 thing with the BB article on the 8th last month.

        I think $250 sounds pretty good. I'm in. Email: Or would you like to keep using your/my profile page?
        Sep 12, 2017
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