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    AMD Announces BIOS Fix for Ryzen 3000 Boost Clocks, Update Comes September 10

    "We closely monitor community feedback on our products and understand that some 3rd gen AMD Ryzen users are reporting boost clock speeds below the expected processor boost frequency." It's not "some" users. It's the majority of the users reporting below expected boost frequency.
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    AMD Bulldozer 'Core' Lawsuit: AMD Settlement

    I heard Bulldozer was a total disaster but didn't know it was to this magnitude.
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    3900X Good Upgrade over 5820K?

    Only 10 watts increase for going from 2,600 million to 2.09 billion transistors
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    The Future of Overclocking....

    I think it's the FAB issue preventing the overclocking or Ryzen 3000. TSMC's 7mn process is not optimized like Intel's 14nm.
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    3900X Good Upgrade over 5820K?

    Make sure to flash the latest bios with AGESA 1003aba since you play Destiny 2 if you decided to go with Ryzen.
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    How many 3900x silicon lottery losers are going to upgrade to 3950x?

    According to's data, the more cores Ryzen 3000 has, the lesser the overclockability.
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    3900X Temperature Reading Help!

    Thanks for the insight. I might try the undervolting again if I feel my temperature is bad. For now, I'm good. At 26C ambient temperature, my 3900X does 85C~86C running Aida FPU.
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    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    Here's mine. G.Skill F4-3200C14-16GVK @1.38V
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    3700X vs 3800X

    You can still return or exchange open box cpu at MC. Just make sure to clean it up with no bent pins.
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Don't see any being sold by Amazon. All sold out already?
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    3900X Temperature Reading Help!

    With the 1st 3900X I had at the time of release, even -0.025 offset immediately crashed my system upon running Geekbench. In lieu of offsetting, undervolting didn't crash the system, but resulted in lower benchmark score, up to about 1,000 points. Regarding the temperature reporting issue...
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    Anyone get a Ryzen 9 3900x to work on a GIGABYTE X470 AORUS?

    Works fine. Don't forget to flash to the bios that supports the new Ryzen.
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    Well, 3900X is not like 3800X. Tried 4.4ghz @1.37 @1.38 @1.40. All BSOD. I'm kinda sad, but I wasn't going to do any permanent ocing in the first place.
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    It seems like AMD pumping out more 3900X. I was one of the lucky one picked up one on Monday. I couldn't wait and bought a 3800X over the past weekend. Then I saw 3900x back in stock on their website around 9am. I got there around 10:30 am, and there were only 6~7 left in the display case...
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    Paper Launch for AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

    If you want a 3900X and have Microcenter nearby should check their web site daily in the morning. That's how I got mine.