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  • Sorry to bother you out of the blue like this but I've heard you're the one to ask when it comes to sourcing old CRT parts. I've got a GDM-2039 which needs a new flyback transformer, part no 1-453-137-11, and I can't find one that would ship to the UK. Do you have this part? If not, any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.

    best wishes,

    Hi I'm looking for parts or repair service for the Sony GDM fw900. My monitor when I go to turn it on I here the click from relay light turns green and nothing happens. Then after a while light turns orange.
    Hello Mr. LAGrunauer,

    I'm in socal (saw your post stating the same!) and have perused most of this thread from the beginning.

    I got my (2) HP A7217A's some 20 years ago and have used them ever since (never have I ran a flattie as my main unit!)

    I was wondering if you do service these?

    (And don't think for a second I didn't want to buy a 3rd of which you were selling!)
    How's it going chief it's Xavier or Betterasksomebody429 on ebay. Looks like I found you.

    I couldn't figure out how to privately message you on Hardforum so I thought I'd write to you here.
    Great! My phone # is 626-221-7800... Call me when you can....

    Take care and keep safe!

    Demon Boy Jr
    Demon Boy Jr
    How's it going Vito. I was wondering whether you had decided if Monday was a good time to meet up. Although I noticed you ended the listing on ebay. Is the monitor no longer available?

    Feel free to call/text me at 805-358-2018

    or send me at email exzaveeair@yahoo.com

    Im heading into work now, but I have tomorrow and Monday off if you wanted to speak on the phone then.
    I was wondering if you have any fw900 flybacks still
    I sell the entire D-board complete where the FBT is, and price of this part is $799.00 plus tax plus shipping...


    Unkle Vito!
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    Uncle Vito

    Years ago, I purchased a Sony C520K from one of your eBay auctions. I had a move to smaller living space and placed the CRT in storage.

    I retrieved it recently, it still turns on and and looks great.

    However, I'm noticing some 'clean spots' on the screen. I'm wondering what/where exactly these are and if I can safely resolve the issue.

    Although the picture isn't clear, it looks like it's damage to the anti-glare coating.
    It is hard for me to tell what it is without looking at the actual screen. UV!
    Hi Unkle Vito, I bring bad news. I picked up a couple of FW900s (one Sony, the other HP) and the HP rebadge has a power issue.

    I was told that it took some time to warm up and turn on, but it appears to be worse than that:


    If you have any ideas (or places that may service FWs) I would greatly appreciate it.

    My Sony FW works perfectly and I absolutely love it.
    The problem may be caused by many things and it is hard for me to give you an actual diagnostic without testing the monitor. I am so sorry that I cannot be of a help, but I don't like to guess the culprit(s) that may be causing the malfunction(s). UV!
    Fw900 vs f520 vs c520k?
    That's like comparing Grapefruits to Oranges to Mandarins. Those CRTs are designed for specific use: GDM-FW900 is a graphic monitor, the GDM-F520 is both graphics and text, and the GDM-c520k is a color accurate monitor used for color matching and color correction. UV!
    So I was referred back here to ardforum for the first time in almost a decade by bobthetrucker over at /r/gloriousCRTmasterrace. To what degree can professional repair help aging CRTs? I've already had to bin two (FW9012 and p275) that simply stopped displaying totally after getting focus pops for a while, and my p1230 is starting to do brightness/focus pops infrequently.

    Is it even possible to save a "dying" CRT, and if so can professional repair restore them to crisp focus and restore their ability to handle deep colors/dark pictures or are those a permanent loss?
    Some can be saved, except the GDM-FW900. That tube is very hard to restore. UV!
    Hi Uncle V! Hope you're well! I hope you don't mind me pm'ing you as you're the bro in the know! Okay, I was reading the forums and I realised that my FW has the more or less the exact symptoms as reported by:

    Posted by etienne51
    Then suddenly, the whole screen went totally out of focus It lasted about 5 ou 10sec, and then I heard a "pop" not like the sound I heard the first time (see my latest post on the subject), this time is was a bit louder, and the display went back to perfect focus.

    Mine however after the blur and pop turns off and then the light flashes between yellow and green then as soon as I turn it off and turn it back on immediately it's okay again!?

    This isn't healthy! Would you say flyback or board replacement?

    Please let me know, and brake down the prices and possible instructions for me, the last thing I wanna happen is it get "deep-fried" while standing - touching the wrong parts of the monitor!

    Kind Regards
    Most likely FBT issue and tube short. Now, this is based on what you described. UV!
    I was told to come to you if looking for a Sony monitor. I was going to get a lightboost LCD but want to see about CRT. My model request is very specific; F520 OR Artisan. Price range is $400.
    Hello Sir, I am in need of a fw900, and feel as though I've searched the entire planet looking for one. Could you point me in the right direction perhaps?
    Rodrigo: Enviame un mensaje a my email address unklevito@aol.com y te contesto el mensaje. La contestación es muy larga y no pude enviarte el mensaje.

    Espero tu email.

    Muy Atentamente,

    Luis Alberto
    Unkle Vito!
    Do you believe it can be fixed by replacing the part you think is damaged? (FBT perhaps), Or did something critical like the tube went bad? In case of the former, I'd like to know if you still have those possibly needed replacement parts for the GDM-FW900, because even though I'm from Uruguay, I'd be more than willing to buy them and have the monitor serviced by a local technician with the proper documentation. This monitor is special for me and I want it to work again and for many years to come, I can't simply let it go...

    Lots of thanks,

    Hello Vito. I've have been having issues with my GDM-FW900 and it seems you are the man when it comes to servicing this monitor. Because of this, I thought you could give me a hand or two with the following.

    The problem is that each time I turn it on, I can first hear the normal degaussing sound, but then it continues making a screeching noise several times, as if it wants to power up but it can't, and after that the monitor just gives up and switches to standby mode. Here is a recording I made(sorry for the low quality): http://www.putlocker.com/file/35B4CF2E817ED422

    The GDM-W900 has an special port in the back that is labeled as "service port". The cable needed is a 9-pin special cable not longer available, and the MDL file needed to readjust the unit is found in Sony DAS, not in WinDAS. Sony DAS is the DOS version of the adjustment application needed to reset the monitor's EEPROM parameters. The program is available in the internet but the cable is difficult to get.

    Hope this helps...


    Unkle Vito!
    Hello! I hope you don't mind me picking your brain a little bit, I have a Sony monitor issue that I am trying to crack. You responded to a post from me on the FW900 owner's thread and know that you have a lot of knowledge on the Sony CRT's. I don't wan't to bother the general population of the forum anymore with my obscure monitor and it's problems :), so I figured I'd drop you a PM before I give up on my beloved monitor.

    The monitor is the W900, not the FW900 and I can't get the OSD to come up. Also the size and position settings are gone. The picture is stuck at a 4:3 ratio even in widescreen resolutions. Otherwise the picture is as perfect as ever! I am thinking that the EEPROM is corrupted and it's probably toast?

    If you don't want to get into it, I understand-I just thought I'd see if you had any thoughts on how to fix the problem.

    P.S. Correct me if I am mistaken, but are you the fellow that sold a few fw900's on ebay awhile back?

    Thanks for reading,

    Have you tried doing a system reset on the monitor? If that fails, then it is EEPROM corruption and the only way to fix it is to upload the original file, which most likely you will not have. UV!
    yo vito u want 2 free gdm fw 900s i have? im in socal. lmk. they both have issues but i cant figure it out. wont power up only blinking orange light. worked just fine until they didnt
    Bring them... I can be reached at 626-221-7800...
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