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    (RARE VINTAGE ES CPU) Intel Pentium MMX 233 MHz Q140 - Socket 7

    That's pretty cool but seems a bit pricey. Am I wrong?
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    where to buy and what time for 6800xt (?)

    I got fucked too.. had a 6800 in cart and clicked continue on the paypal payment button but it crashed... figures
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    Vaping game consoles

    Ugh... People are stupid
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    Amazon and Seagate customer service are terrible.

    I know it wasn't Seagate's problem. Someone probably bought the drives from Amazon, swapped the internal drive out for junk ones, and returned them. Amazon is at fault for selling the drives again after they had been returned. They obviously didn't test them or anything. I called Amazon to...
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    Amazon and Seagate customer service are terrible.

    I tried Amazon... Got on their live chat to inform them of my issue. They then insisted that they call me. After being on the phone with them for more than an hour they called Seagate and pawned me off on them. I agree that it was Amazon's problem to begin with. They pawned me off on Seagate...
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    Google claims its AI can design computer chips in under 6 hours

    Makes sense.. If AI gets to be as intelligent as we predict it will then we won't know what sinister plans it has. We'll just wake up dead one day haha
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    Amazon and Seagate customer service are terrible.

    Yeah, I know Amazon should've never passed me off to Seagate. The problem was originally Amazon's. Amazon is the one who called Seagate and put me through to them though... Not my choice. Seagate definitely made it worse though. They were nice enough to replace the drives and they shipped the...
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    Grand Theft Auto 6 to have Huge Map at Launch

    I am excited to have a massive map. I think a local MP would be awesome on pc. If there was no limit to what each of the players can do or where they can go while in MP it would be badass. I doubt that'll be something they'd be working on though. Looking forward to playing this game regardless.
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    $1,900 Death Stranding Jacket Released, Sells Out Instantly

    I am glad this was out of my price range and that I knew nothing about it. It is hideous..... oh well wasn't made for me anyway since I can't afford it lol.
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    Amazon and Seagate customer service are terrible.

    I called again today and the person I spoke with apologized for this happening. He said the case was closed and that the warehouse is just behind with accepting returns and that's why the charge still went through. It doesn't excuse the fact that this has been a total nightmare from the start...
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    Amazon and Seagate customer service are terrible.

    I called Amazon when I first received the drives from them. They are the ones that called Seagate and made me deal with them. I know that the original problem with the drives was not Seagate fault. They definitely made this worse though. It is Seagate fault that my card was charged. I returned...
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    Any Experience With M-Disc?

    I've written m-disc blurays for archival purposes but never left them open like you want to do. Sorry I can't help there. I am interested in knowing if anyone has had any success doing this though.
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    Any Experience With M-Disc?

    So you want to add and remove data from the disc like you would a flash drive? Or do you want to just keep adding until it's eventually full? With M-disc the data is literally etched in stone. The laser burns holes in the stone like layer (not sure of the exact material) and that's how the data...
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    Amazon and Seagate customer service are terrible.

    I don't know if this is the place to vent about all this but I thought some of you might like to hear my terrible experience. I bought 2x Seagate expansion 8tb drives from Amazon. They were sold and shipped by Amazon. I received the drives and hooked them up to my desktop only to find that one...
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    Playstation 2 turns 20 today.

    Gran Turismo 3 and 4 was where it was at back then. Great games