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    1. Schtask

      Kyle...the cards in this build are the two Galaxy GTX780 cards I picked up from you guys at the event at Tiger Direct. Thought you and the Galaxy guys may find it interesting to know what became of them.
    2. Cube
    3. brutalizer
      Hello Kyle,

      I am an StatArb algorithmic trader and have some issues with a moderator. With whom can I discuss the moderator's behavior?

      Best regards,
    4. DoggyDaddi
      I posted in the Kraken review discussion thread, had a few issues folks might need to know about. Nothing make or break, just some hiccups. All easily dealt with
    5. Kyle_Bennett
    6. jrweis
      Where the hell are you hiding the HardOCP Commissioned Buying Links ?????
    7. CamW
      Email Sent To You.
    8. black_bishop
    9. IntelEnthusiast
      Hey Kyle I don't know if you want to touch this but if you would like to bring it up I will leave that in your hands. I also have some marketting stuff to cover it if you would like let me know.

    10. Eshelmen
      Can I have a title under my name please?
    11. powertower
    12. Kyle_Bennett
      Hehe, honestly, I don't care what Newegg thinks any more. We just need to worry about H and move on.
    13. wurmy
      followup (they need to pay someone to open every lettter)
    14. wurmy
      Hi Kyle,

      I'm pissed that NewEgg screwed not just you, but the opinions of the other members that I have learned from over the years. Since we're in the digital age, how about a good old-fashioned USPS letter writing campaign to NewEgg just to let them know what they're messing with. Stamps are cheap, and establishing and running a safe online community is not.
    15. Kyle_Bennett
      If the system will let you do it, go for it.
    16. radex7
      Hi. I swear I saw that the minimum of posts required to post in FS/FT was 50. But the rules say 100. However, I am now able to post in there (which I already did). Could you please advise if it is OK. I don't want to get booted out of here... Thanks. r
    17. Kyle_Bennett
      If you want to donate, the subscription is the only way to do that, but honestly the best donation you can make to our forums is to be an active and contributing member. :)
    18. prndll
      I've been reading things from this site for quite a few years but have only recently decided to sign up for a log-in. I am grateful for the efforts here. I am considering a monetary donation to the site. I just wanted to give this a little time to see how things end up going. Since I have filtered out...going that way isn't an option for me. Not sure about the "off-topic subscription" thing, I have no desire to spend time off-topic. That guys are great.
    19. shadowmanr6
      Can you please delete my account? Thank you!
    20. Kyle_Bennett
      You are now banned for name calling.
    21. rdz5008
      hey man, just a quick heads up, I think your one admin, "Lethal", is a bad idiot and underqualified for her position as "ViragoAdmin" I mean I told a guy to eat his laptop screen, and she took it as trolling, can I please get some clarification on this or whatever?
    22. IdiotInCharge
      I know you don't have a lot of time on your hands for crap like this, but it's real hard not to call someone out for biased statements that ignore an OP. I've no doubt that my infraction was precipitated by Mr. K6's report, and I will try to avoid being so direct in the future. It was just so, so obvious...
    23. pigwalk
    24. junky
    25. Lorddeth
      Good Morning Kyle,

      I was wondering, is there a reason HardOCP doesn't seem to review EVGA products? Did I miss a post or am I simply mistaken? Just curious....

      William S. Walker
    26. Cbshahji
    27. PileDriver
      My posts not getting viewed by others? Why is that?
    28. BDS23
    29. Hunter451
      I don't know if this is happening to anybody else but the last two days when I open my IE9 browser and I have HardOCP as the home page it opens the "mobile viewing" page insead of the reguler home page. I did not change anything in my setting it is just the way it loaded up. Very strange..
    30. JC Denton
      JC Denton
      Thank you!
    31. IdiotInCharge
      Every time I look at your quote of my post, I can't quite figure out if you're just supporting my statement, using my words as an example of bias, or both :).

      The point I was trying to insinuate is that the only good bias is no bias; taking an antagonistic tone towards any company or product isn't appreciated because it takes the discussion away from useful debate and pushes it into whiny emotional territory. I just want to talk about the products that I'm interested in :).
    32. raghu78
      There have been no custom HD 7900 card reviews for a long time at hardocp.The last one seems to be Sapphire HD 7970 OC back on April 10 th. Prices have changed and the HD 7900 cards are pretty good from a price perf point. Cards like the MSI HD 7950 OC with a HD 7970 PCB are available for USD 330 at newegg. It would be nice to see a review of a HD 7950 OC selling at the USD 350 price point or lesser like Gigabyte HD 7950 Windforce or Sapphire HD 7950 950 Mhz edition or MSI HD 7950 OC Twin Frozr. Similarly cards like Powercolor PCS+ HD 7970 (1100 Mhz) are available for USD 460. Other cards like His Iceq HD 7970 are also available at USD 450. So atleast a couple of reviews would be useful to readers of hardocp and people who want to make a high end GPU purchase.
    33. Kyle_Bennett
      Save you money for an SSD and GPU. Best today for actually giving you an overall better gaming experience. And the SSD gives you a better OS experience period.
    34. Kyle_Bennett
      I think for actual usage above 1600MHz is a waste on the desktop.
    35. JC Denton
      JC Denton
      I see awesome. Do you stand by the belief that any RAM above 1600mhz is essentially throwing money away? I'm trying to decide whether to spend the extra $70 and get the "faster" 1866 Dominator Platinum 16GB ($200), or get the older version at 1600mhz ($115). I've been trying to find a solid answer, because I've seen different sources say different things. I recently read on X-bit that they recommend up to 2133, while others like Anand & Toms say its pointless.
    36. Kyle_Bennett
      Just the "black" version of Corsair Vengeance.
    37. JC Denton
      JC Denton
      Hey Kyle,
      I'm a long-time reader and huge fan of HardOCP and I had a question about your build-- Are you using the new Corsair Dominator Platinum memory, or the previous version?

    38. JUSTJOEL73
      Hey, I wonder if anyone has noticed you can't do any firearms shopping searches on Google. When did this happen.
    39. punsgaur
    40. FrEaKy
      Kyle, you da man!
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