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Sep 23, 2018 at 2:15 PM
    1. rob65803
      How do I change hardforum skins? Mine changed to a black and I cannot see it.
    2. Eshelmen
      Kyle, can I get my title back up on my name please? thanks.

      10 years already!Woo hoo!
    3. aphexcoil
      Also, do you have a link for people to give donations via Google Wallet or credit card?
    4. aphexcoil
      Hi Kyle! I order a lot of stuff from Amazon and I'd like to help support HardForum. When I make a purchase, is there a referral code I should be using?

      Thanks and I appreciate your dedication to the community!
    5. OEM
      Not sure why you closed the Hellcat thread. Sure it was full of debating, but isn't that what forums are for? Plus, it was civil!
    6. primetime
      l would love a custom title....i know i haven't posted 3000 posts and i know i screwed up and got an infraction for being being an asshole......and i deserved it i promise to behave from here on have the best site on the planet....well i figure i doesn't hurt to ask...and im sorry for screwing up and got an infraction when i deserved it......well either way your site rules them all......thanks for not banning me when i got stupid...
    7. Kyle_Bennett
      I am sorry, but we just do not do that. FSFT is for folks that are active members of our community.
    8. ReC0de
      Sir, is there a way you can bump my posts to 100 so I can sell some stuff? I am a Marine with not enough time to posts to 100. Please and thank you.
    9. Kyle_Bennett
      Thanks for the update.
    10. gman
      It's the 'Do Not Track' extension causing it.
    11. Kyle_Bennett
      Loaded in a couple of seconds for me. What url is showing in the lower left hand corner as to what is loading exactly?
    12. gman
      H Kyle, here lately the site seems to be perpetually loading. At least in the latest version of Firefox the little green circle in the window tab keeps goin round. Not sure it's anything, but thought I'd mention it.
    13. Kyle_Bennett
      How many exactly?
    14. s2ta
      Hi Kyle.. suggestion for this site.. Your forum sections should display more threads by default. Each sections display options for threads is different it seems like. It's wacky the way it is honestly. I think that it drives away traffic to ard Forum as well. Makes the forum seem dead. From your perspective it may be cleaner and it is. However, from a users perspective (a reader) your average user doesn't want to go to the bottom left of the page and figure out (or waste their time) with display options. Its just the way your average user is.. they want everything at their fingertips instead of messing around with display options. One of your mods here told me to relay my suggestion for this forum to you. Anyways.. I think that little fix , which should be simple enough would increase traffic here two fold and new post regularity.
    15. Kyle_Bennett
      Sorry, we only grandfathered members in for a year or so. FSFT is for members that contribute to our community.
    16. Jsalpha2
      I have been a member for 3 years and have 16 posts. I buy and sell at Anandtech and Ars and have good heat and beer. Could you wave the 100 post minimum for me? I'd be old and dead before getting to 100 posts.
    17. Screes
      Could you please rename a thread title for me, I am the OP. I spelled the case model wrong. The title SHOULD be "MC600 Case - A Mini Steambox?" I forgot the C in MC600. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this request, i couldn't find anything else.
    18. Kyle_Bennett
      I would suggest you use the report post button in the future.
    19. turquoisewords
      Hi Kyle,
      I see you removed a message I posted that contained a link to a Slate article about how internet trolling often matches up with bad personality traits in real life. I was not trolling. I posted that article because one guy here has acted in borderline troll fashion.

      --peter gross
    20. Kyle_Bennett
      I am not in a position to share private information. I am sorry.
    21. bob4432

      I have been wronged by the user qtnguyen87 on a different forum (anandtech) to the tune of $220. I have started the PayPal dispute process and was hoping I could get some assistance from you. I have 2 emails so far from qtnguyen87 - and Could you tell me if either of these email accounts are what he used on his account here?

      Thank you in advance,
    22. Kyle_Bennett
      read the rules.
    23. R0113R
      how can i post threads? i cant even reply to a persons post.
    24. Kyle_Bennett
      Sounds good to me.
    25. garry26
      Where would I post a question about camcorders? Computers & gadgets ?
    26. Kyle_Bennett
      Roger that. Thanks for playing.
    27. Abditive
      Don't just ban me from the news section because of all your click-bait posted garbage news, ban me from this entire shitty website. Fuck you. Hope I see you out and about now that I'm in Texas.
    28. spugm1r3
    29. Vipex23
    30. gordon151
      Here is my proof, Google "gigabyte overclock forums" and compare what people who have owned gigabyte video cards (2 of them for myself) and see what you get. Also try viewing your own forums comments on their card variances.
    31. Axiomatic

      I left you a Private Message regarding a BF4 server. Did you give it any consideration?

    32. EagleOne
      Ho Boss, I got an email something about "I shouldn't say things like that", I was replying from my gmail box to someone else, I guess it got to you, so sorry. please forgive me. i've been good for 8.4 years.
      Merry Christmas Kyle, Thank You For the Best Site In The World.....Eric / EagleOne
    33. Kyle_Bennett
      You are welcome sir! We had a meeting about selling your account to the Chinese, but pulled the plug at the last minute. ;)
    34. cathode
      It's been a long long time. Thanks for not deleting my account :) Keep on kicking ass brother.
    35. Kyle_Bennett
      Yeah, I am working my best to keep is civil for the first couple of hours.
    36. pcjunkie
      Thanks....tried to delete it after posting and thought about it but you got to it first! :-)
    37. PinchedNerve
    38. Dildonose
    39. Kyle_Bennett
      Sure, just make a post in the DC forum. I think that is all good. I will pass this along to Steve as well for the news page.
    40. ChristianVirtual
      Dear Kyle,

      I'm a less active member of this forum; but recently quite involved in Folding@Home. Your team #33 makes a amazing contribution. Myself is folding in a different team but for the same goal and of course learning from your members quite lots.

      Now it happen that I wrote an iPad application to monitor the F@H clients; Apple just approved and released for AppStore

      I wonder what would be a compliant way to announce this app here in the "Distributed" sub forum; the app is for free ; made just for fun but might be helpful for others, too.

      Please let me know
      Best regards
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