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I don't care if you don't like it. Feb 16, 2016

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Sep 23, 2018 at 5:57 PM
    1. ThatsAgood1jay
    2. Wyodiver
      (2) This is my go-to tech site, so please let me know what the problem is, and how I can resolve it.


    3. Wyodiver
      (1)Hi Kyle,

      I seem to have angered the [H] gods again, spent like 30 minutes constructing a thread about stuff I want to sell, or trade, the system won't let me post the thread. I have run afoul of you guys in the past, and I've always been able to make amends. I'm not sure what I have done wrong this time,
    4. James Robinson
      James Robinson
      Personally, I think its retarded to offer that many different versions of the same chipset this early in.
    5. James Robinson
      James Robinson
      Hey man. just a quick idea.. Looked over at Asus, and they went insane-o in the brain-o it looks like. They've got something like 25 different 270 & 250 based motherboards. Some ornery Texan needs to roll up his sleeves and separate the cream from the crap if ya know what I mean? It's impossible to tell what board offers what over what board based on their pages EXTREMELY limited 'comparison' options.
    6. scojer
      How come the seasonic psu promotion doesn't have it's own thread? Also when registering should I list [H] or [H]
      1. Kyle_Bennett
        Because we are not handling the giveaway. Either is fine for entry, should make no difference.
        Jan 21, 2017
      2. scojer
        Gotcha. Registered. Thanks for the headsup!
        Jan 21, 2017
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    7. Daire
      1. Kyle_Bennett
        Still got it TMK. WIll double check with Paul. You want to buy it?
        Jan 10, 2017
      2. Daire
        For sure, is there a way to message you privately to discuss?
        Jan 10, 2017
    8. TheBlueChanell
      You should check out my reply to you in the latest [H] bashing reddit thread when you get a chance man.
      1. MarinaMark likes this.
      2. Kyle_Bennett
        Linkage please!
        Nov 8, 2016
    9. XLeezardx
      You a chef now kyle?
    10. said andam
      said andam
      hello kyle I have juste creat my new blog ,and it's the first one , becouse I'm very touched with the internet and i want to developpe my competence in it, and make some money that i need of course, i ask you to give me some informations and advices for ''keep on'' my blog and make more and more of visitores, thanks and i am sorry about my bad english
    11. stealthgyro
      Any Community Launch events planned for the GTX 1080 in the Dallas area?

      EDIT: I ask, because I was at the TigerDirect/Galaxy launch event for the 780. So I figured if you would be the best bet.
      1. Kyle_Bennett
        Nope. :(
        May 12, 2016
    12. Dave Adams
      Dave Adams
      Hello Kyle. I have been a member for about 8 yrs. I can't login. I created this new acct to reach out to you. My previous acct was dccmadams. I need a reset on my password, but I don't see it coming thru on my email. I have been using for many years. If I could get a reset link to that account for dccmadams, that would be great. Thanks, Dave Adams.
      1. Kyle_Bennett
        May 11, 2016
    13. rob777
      Thank you for the help Kyle!
      1. Kyle_Bennett likes this.
    14. DisparateX
      Greetings Kyle,
      I read and watched your Core i7 920 material 2008/09 and was blown away. Ordered similar parts based around the 920, P6T Deluxe, Corsair DDR3 and enjoyed my PC ever since. I want to thank you and your staff for the in dept reviews on enthousiast stuff. Bought a 2nd hand 980X, best upgrade ever. My vintage 2009 1366 platform is amazing thanks to you.
      1. Kyle_Bennett likes this.
      2. DisparateX
        I should have read the PSU reviews tho. I have a Cooler Master Real Power M 700 which screams under load. Both the fan and coilwhine.
        Mar 20, 2016
    15. Squall_Rinoa89
      Hey Kyle.. question! Are we ever going to get an updated article on Status of GPU Drivers? Just wondering.
      1. Kyle_Bennett
        Feb 18, 2016
    16. Kyle_Bennett
      I don't care if you don't like it.
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    17. Mehphisto
      Thank you for fixing my mistakes :)
    18. tsdc
    19. tkoons000
      hi I'm having trouble with logging in. I opened a new user account but would like to get back to my old account ckoons1. it wouldn't let me log into ckoons1 thank you
      1. Squall_Rinoa89 likes this.
      2. Squall_Rinoa89
        Having the same issue... except everytime I log in it's not accepting my password and I have to reset it EVERY time...
        Feb 18, 2016
        Kyle_Bennett likes this.
      3. Kyle_Bennett
        You will need to email me at with your User Name and suspected email on the account.
        Feb 18, 2016
    20. ValVed RaY
      ValVed RaY
    21. shamgar
      hey are you still selling

      GBT Small Form Factor 970

      if so i want it!!! please let me know!! thanks!!
    22. Grandpa_01
      Kyle why did you call me an idiot, I was being sarcastic towards his post and the use of the word LEGAL
    23. DataLinx
      SYNTEXERROR say he sent you a off site email as well
    24. DataLinx
      hello Kyle you banded my from after he just joined for a about a few hours for spaming all iwas doing hed sed was posting lings from amazon and some other sites like every one else coes here hes upset and cunfused at waht happed your the one who approved him to come here he thinks a nother mod might have miss taking his name for someone else his name was SYNTEXERROR again all he was doing was helping some out hes very up set over it and whats to know why he was oked to join then perma band a few hours later can you please help and or fixx it he says THANK you and is SORRY if he did do anything wrong after all he just joined
    25. Sorvats
      You deleted a post I made in my thread (monitor help). Reason you stated is I was CRT trolling. I wasn't. I think you mistook my post with someone elses. Not a big deal really, I just would hate to be labeled a troll or something being new here and all.
    26. Jack77
      Hello Kyle,

      Could you share more information on why my comment in the Crossfire thread was deleted (regarding another AMD card possibly being better than the Fury X) . I know all about the filthy practices AMD played to make sure the reviews regarding that card were to their liking, but does that also mean that that card may not be mentioned anymore on ? Or was there another reason?

      Kind regards,

    27. Dr. Kreiger's clone
      Dr. Kreiger's clone
      hello Kyle. I just joined the forum, and would like to post a couple questions, as well as help a few people out. I can not post in any thread or really do anything. could you help with that
    28. DigitalGriffin
      uhhh never mind.
    29. Bageland2000
      Good Morning Kyle,
      I'd like to ask for access to the buy/sell forum to make a few purchases from users. I'm a long time lurker at HF and have been active on since 2005 and have an extensive heatware profile @ I don't have the 100 post requirement for access; I am a really busy professional who hasn't had much time to be part of the community lately. I understand if you have to stick to the 100 post requirement, but HF has a much more active buy/sell user base, and I'd love to be able to participate. Either way, I'll spend some time posting in the forums in the near future when I get a chance. Thanks for the consideration!
    30. Stoly
    31. cyclone3d
      Hi Kyle,

      There is an MSI ad that is popping up over other stuff on the main page.

      We are having to refresh at least once to get it to go away. Sometimes it has taken me 3 page refreshes to get it to go away.

      It is affecting pretty much all browsers.

      Please see this thread.

    32. Zurec
      Hi Kyle, i made a thread in the general hardware forum, but wasn't able to add a poll in time. I reposted the thread with a poll now, but the old thread can be deleted. the old thread is this:

      thanks a lot.
    33. 1RadDad
    34. jen4950
      Hey there Kyle-

      Sorry to bother you. I really appreciate everything you do for all of us clowns.

      I forgot my password, and I think the e-mail address on file is one of my abandoned ones.

      My username is jen4950 (obviously with this PM).


      I’d like to switch it to and get a new password..

      Hope things are going well for you.

      Have a good one-


      P.S.- thanks for the custom title ;)
    35. M76
      I don't appreciate being called a fucking idiot. If there were contact details on the guys link I would've used them. But posting a clearly broken quesionare on a forum made for discussions and outright stating that he will ignore any replies is asking for trouble.

      Kyle - Act like an idiot and get called one. Thousands of people posted yesterday and did not get their posts were one of the few. I don't appreciate you wasting my time.
    36. csplinter
    37. ccmfreak2
    38. jmmahon1224
      Kyle, how about allowing us long-time lurkers to post in the Hot Deals threads. I have 37 posts but cant post this sweet Newegg 1TB 840 EVO for $359 deal! Care to spread the word.
      Newegg 1TB 840EVO for $359!!!!!
    39. spugm1r3
    40. 32degrees
      Went to post this in the HotDEALs section to share but evidently I dont have that ability probably because of my lack of posting on the forums so I figured I would share it with a MOD that probably could.

      Since there are a lot of people out there like me that dont have access to a Micro Center and their low priced CPU's I figured I would share this gem that I found while at my local Fry's today. They currently have their Intel i7 4790k Devil's Canyon CPU for $288. Since this deal didnt show up in my search of the forum I figured it would be worth a post for those that have a Frys around but no Micro Center.
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