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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    Voodoo3 - Longbow 2 never looked so good. Next card was the GeForce 3 Ti 200.
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    Powerful Enough For A 6970?

    Thanks for the info. The PSU was in the system when I got it (traded a 360). The 5850 is the Gigabyte Overclocked Edition with 765/1000 and I've pushed it a little further than that (but have since returned it to stock) same with the CPU. I had the 635 at 3.1GHz (a modest OC, for sure) with a...
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    Powerful Enough For A 6970?

    I've been offered a XFX 6970, but want to double check that my power supply can handle the card. I currently have an Apevia ATX-JV650W: Current System: AMD Athlon II x4 635 (not oc'd) Gigabyte 5850 OC 4 GB DDR3 3 x hdd (sata) 1 x...
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    Voodoo5 6k Water Cooled

    Voodoo 3 (which I gave away to a user here on [H], I hope it's enjoy a nice life!) was the shit, at least to me. Got home, dropped that bad boy into my rig and played Longbow 2 for hours. 3dfx + LB2 = teh goodness.
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    Reviving an old 3DFX powered PC

    LOL - wow - blast from the past. I had a Voodoo 3 up until last year when I gave it away in the Freebies thread. Still have several P3 CPUs (and one Abit motherboard). If I ever get to feeling nostalgic I'll throw it all together. Good to see some great (old) hardware put to use!
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    How long do you have to short a CMOS battery...

    I LOL'd at this, cause I'm sure we've *all* done this.
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    Switching motherboards

    Don't know what your budget is, but:
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    79xx owners running Battlefield 3

    No shit?? I'll have to try that. Thanks for the info!
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    PC shuts down in mid game. Psu?

    hmmmmmm - OP, do you have another PSU to try out? Definitely interested in what's causing this problem.
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    PC shuts down in mid game. Psu?

    Mine does this as well.. and I know the temps aren't that high. CPU @ 52C according to CoreTemp and GPU anywhere from 65-70 in MSI Afterburner. Rig and overclock in sig. Now that I see someone else's PC is doing the same thing, I may look into getting another PSU. I have another set of PCI-e...
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    Your "Greatest" games of all time?

    In no particular order: Longbow & Longbow 2 (almost any Jane's sim from that era) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Fallout 3 Battlefield Series Rainbow 6 / Rogue Spear / Ghost Recon GTA: San Andreas
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    1055t: Worker #5 fails after 2 hours, every thing else fine for 12

    LOL @ 1.6v WTH is up with the purple color scheme? :p
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    Best CPU under $100 for AM3 board for transcoding

    You're welcome. :D
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    Link to site where you can compare hardware?

    +1 for AnandTech is awesome too!
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    Flickering across screen with my Raedon 5870 when overclocking

    My Gigabyte 5850 is factory overclocked and the only time I've seen it artifact is when I pushed it higher. (Something like 800+, if I remember, the factory settings are 765/1000). At the moment I'm running the card at 770/1000 with no problems. However... After I first got the card I tried...