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    Is this possible? Help needed...

    Dynamic IP's on SOHO router gear is basically static. They typically do not change. You can alter the lease or reservation if the router allows it. If you want to stay with a static IP then just make sure your forwarded correctly on the router to the port your using for your VPN traffic.
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    Drive mapping issue

    Clients don't know, don't care, and are not affected by what type of partition/volume is on the other end. With that said, don't expect much of a response with such little information given. For instance, you said you couldn't get the nodes to connect. How so? Errors? Events in event...
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    Setting up something in server 2003...not sure what its called.

    Actually if you read the OP you saw where he/she is trying to get user folder content availablity to that user. The question/recommendation, I assume, was suggesting just mapping a drive instead of going through the hassle of a website. The OP does not elaborate enough to make assumptions to...
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    Setting up something in server 2003...not sure what its called.

    any of them. all of them. That's their function
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    Setting up something in server 2003...not sure what its called.

    I would think you could use a Host header and build sites out for each share rather than a virtual directory. This would require CName records in DNS and for all I know it might not work. But logically I don't see a problem with that. Just never tried it. I may try it on a test server just...
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    File sharing across 2 linksys routers?

    BS. It is a switch. Disabling DHCP and bypassing the WAN port makes the device a switch. Period
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    Windows update: .net framework 3.0 that all the information your going to give? If so, do you think there's anyone that can really offer any advice?
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    File sharing question.

    Beyond disabling simple file sharing and locking down with NTFS permissions (The security tab on the folder, file or volume) you can also hide the shares for a bit more security. Just add $ to the end of the share.
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    For those thinking of Virtualization

    Stay away from Dell Blade chassis unless they have gotten ALOT better. A few years ago and then again year ago we looked at them. We're a Dell shop with the physical servers. 1000 or so physical rack mounted Poweredges. Dell's Bladecenters were a joke comparited to the IBM's we went with...
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    performance difference between dual port and single port?

    Router. In windows specifically to setup a RRAS servver with multiple segments. Any number of Linux distros and firewall/router apps that could utilize a multiport NIC. As long as the onboard processor was worthy, there'd be no performance hit. If the load is off'd to the box, then in theory...
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    how does windows 2003 deal with multiple cpu's?

    If you want to assign specific CPU's to services, processes, exe's etc..., you can use Windows System Resource Manager. I have just been playing around with it in fact. Developer did a app upgrade and now one of the app's services just hammers cpu cycles. So his request was to dedicate...
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    See.... this is why I hate microsoft. (whining inside)

    But ALL the problems you've had so far are Microsofts fault right? Oi vay. :rolleyes:
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    Workgrouped PC not accessible Error

    Likely a resolution problem. The icons are still there because they're cached. Try to get to the remote computer via IP instead of name and use UNC instead of network places. Start, run, then type the remote computers IP in a path with this syntax \\ substituting the...
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    new question from an old dad

    Radmin is remote console program. Are you sure the kid that helped you didn't install this? If he did not, then you need to uninstall the application asap and get a decent firewall. If he did I'd be asking him why he compromised your network with an app like that. Perhaps there is a...
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    is this true? google