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    Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Can anyone confirm if 38mm wide fans can fit at the front of the case?
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    RE and SE

    4K is coming later to the RE apparently, the RE's get the latest features later due too stability and testing for enterprise use.
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    LSI 9361-8i and HP SAS expander 468406-B21 Issues Enumerating Drives

    You should really be using an LSI expander.
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    HP Z30i

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    SSD boot, SSD cache, RAID 5 hard-drives?

    OS/Applications on the SSD. Media and everything else on the RAID volume. As SSD caching is only a stop gap solution at the moment, I would avoid it and wait until a better implementation comes along besides there's a 64GB limit anyway. Also Id be worried about latency affecting the SSD caching...
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    Separate OS install for gaming only?

    With 2K/XP I would always do this, seems redundant now!
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    Separate OS install for gaming only?

    I'm not sure what the general conscientious is nowadays with the arrival of windows 7, however with windows 2k and XP I would always keep a separate OS instal strictly for gaming and another one for work purposes(internet, office, vmware, acronis, visio, acrobat etc...). How is it nowadays? is...
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    SSD issues with Installs-HELP

    1) Dont move the program files. 2) Dont mess about with the page file, windows 7 will handle this by itself. With 8GB of RAM I would set it to a fixed size of 2-4GB if your using an SSD.
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    How to power down and hot-swap hard disk with LSI raid card under Windows 7?

    the controller handles everything, its independant of the OS.
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    SSD - now or wait

    Wait wait wait peeps! Sandforce is due(Q2) and also the new intel 25nm NAND based SSD's (Q2/Q3). Capacity will increase with the 25nm NAND flash so 512GB-1TB drives will creep into mainstream, prices are gona take a very sharp drop however its a 6-9 month wait at least.
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    Fast non-ssd HD?

    There is a new 600GB Raptor coming out together with a 300GB variant(single platter). The 600GB should be the launch price of the current 300GB.
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    What is the better material of radiator(copper or aluminum)?

    go with copper, dont mix metals in a WC set-up period.
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    Just got a Samsung XL30 - 30" LED

    VA panels have colour-shift, there is no fix as its tied to the technology. Looking head on the sides (2-3" rougly) are a different colour. I thought the 24" S-PVA samsung was bad, the 30" is taking the p*ss since its more obvious due to the larger surface area.
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    NEC 2690WUXi updated ( NEC 2690WUXi 2 )

    its using the updated LGP 26" LCD madule, the old one is end of life. The major difference is the contrast ratio and speed of the panel.
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    well its not TN thats for sure, I smell PVA.