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    Ryzen 2600 with Division 2/WWZ for $143.99 with Promo

    Ryzen 2600 with Division 2 & World War Z for $143.99 with Promo Code: EMCTAVU25 Link:
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    Upgrading from an Intel Core i7-2600K: Testing Sandy Bridge in 2019 & revisiting old but still great

    What amazing is you can upgrade to 2080ti/Radeon 7 and see almost no performance loss at higher resolutions. Anything past 1440p and the CPU performance is negligible.
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    FS: A few other things.

    Bump for great deal on the 1700X
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    FS: Lenovo P50 Core i7/16GB/512GB SSD

    Bump! Great deal on an awesome workstation laptop, a P50 is my daily work driver!
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    FS/FT: Surface Book 2, 15", i7 8650U, 16gb, GTX 1060, 512gb, Pen

    I'm selling a used Surface Book 2 15" that has the i7 8650U (true quad core), 16gb ram, 512gb storage, and the GTX 1060 performance base and surface pen. I bought it used for my wife's Christmas present but she absolutely hated it compared to her old Macbook Air. I already have the 13.5" SB2 or...
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    FS: Lenovo P50 Thinkpad

    Daily Bump
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    FS: Lenovo P50 Thinkpad

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    FS: Lenovo P50 Thinkpad

    I'm selling my Lenovo Thinkpad P50 due to using my Surface more and more. The laptop is in perfect condition with no scratches or dings on it. It comes with just the laptop and charger, since I didn't buy the dock. I'm asking $700 shipped OBO. I accept Paypal and will only ship to verified...
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    FS: Evga GTX 980ti SC+, 2x PNY GTX 780ti, Lenoovo W540 Laptop, i5 4590

    Selling off some of my old computer hardware that is laying around.I live in Sarasota, Florida so if you live on the Gulf Coast you're more then welcome to come pick the stuff locally. I accept paypal and will only ship to a verified address. Evga GTX 980ti SC+ ACX 6gb Card: $380 shipped (Card...
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    GTX 770 no video MSI Z87m Gaming

    I recently got a MSI Z87m Gaming board to replace my MSI H97i-AC motherboard. After getting everything put back together I power on the board and I'm getting the MSI B2 post code with no video. After thinking the board was dead I decided to put an old 7870 I had sitting around in the PC and BAM...
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    AMD R9 290x Pixel Issues in games

    So I'm guessing VSR is virtual screen resolution, how exactly would I do that ?
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    AMD R9 290x Pixel Issues in games

    I know its a fairly well known issue with AMD due to the type of AA they run. They however patched it in some of their drivers. I was just hoping someone else had a fix for GTA V as its pretty much the only game I play these days.