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    Free 32Mb memory key - IBM

    They do come because I got mine today.
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    Free stuff from

    You don't have to call. Even if you do send a for a sample sometimes they just never show up. They sometimes give you a tracking on the product as well.
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    Free stuff from

    I have been using this site for the last month or so. I have noticed they have been getting a lot of traffic from free deals sites so it wouldn't shock me if they didn't send out samples anymore.
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    Free InterVideo DiscMaster 2

    Nice. Thanks. \ Link may or may not work.
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    Anarchy Online is now 100% free for a FULL year!!! No CC required.

    I tried it didn't care for it. Oh well.
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    yet another free t-shirt

    Old deal that I have never got before.
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    Dead - Free Penguin Wine Charms

    Same here.
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    $10 amazon gift card for survey

    Thanks !
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    Free LEDs

    I got a email asking for a legit phone number. I just deleted it. I don't them that bad.
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    Mt Dew points for an Xbox

    Well I have like 20 Dew Points from people I know. So if you could get all the points without actually drinking a dew your basically paying for the shipping.
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    Free Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation2 DVD

    Got it today. 2004 Gran Turismo Special Edition 2004 Toyota Demo.
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    Free Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation2 DVD

    Did another and it showed up. Thanks.
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    Free Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation2 DVD

    must be gone already. I didn't see it listed when I just did it.
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    up to 9 free switches (like all kinds man)

    They do come. I got some a while ago.
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    Free $25 dollar gift certificate from

    Well that is obvious. If you do get one, you better use it quick.